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[Solved] How do I setup my Canon Printer Wirelessly?

How do I set up my Canon Printer Wirelessly?

When it comes to picture clarity and high-resolution Canon is the best brand whether it be a camera or a printer. With the fast upgrading technology companies have now emerged with a great wireless technology printer to avoid clutter. It is a matter of a few seconds to install this Wireless setup and also this way it becomes more convenient to print anything at any location. You can even print your documents in the car while driving to the office. One just simply needs to connect the device with the Printer through Wi-Fi and select the files and it's done. 

Below are mentioned steps for connecting your Canon Printer to Wi-Fi, Windows, and Mac. So, in case you have bought a new Printer and you are facing any issue in connecting your device then this article will help you. 

Download “Canon Print APP” on your device it will automatically connect your device with the Printer when its Wireless button is ON. Installing the app will reduce the time you invest usually in connecting your devices for transferring the data to the printer. 

Steps to connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi 

  1. Turn your Printer and router ON. 

  2. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and hold it until the light turns on

  3. Wait for few minutes and then press the WPS button on the router 

  4. Once your Printer is connected with the Wi-Fi the blue light on the printer will stop flickering and will remain still. ( this indicates that your device is connected with the Wi-Fi)

  5. Put pages into the printer and try printing something to test the connectivity

Steps to connect your Canon Printer Wirelessly with Windows- 

  1. Make sure both the devices are turned ON, now click on settings 

  2. Choose devices from the setting menu 

  3. Now, click on Printer & Scanner, and add your device 

  4. Make sure your printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Windows monitor. To connect your printer with the Wi-Fi go through the above-mentioned steps 

Steps to connect your Printer Wirelessly with Mac -  

  1. Choose system preferences and then select Printer & scanner option from the screen 

  2. Now, you have to click on the (+) symbol to add your printer to the device 

  3. Now a list will emerge on the screen from which you have to choose a printer for adding it up to your device 

  4. Make sure your printer and Mac device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network 

  5. Put pages into the printer and try printing something to test the connectivity. 

You can go through the above-mentioned procedure cautiously for connecting your Canon Printer Wirelessly with Wi-Fi, Mac, and Windows. The wireless medium provides you the ease of installing the Printer and connecting it with various devices. However, one can contact Canon Customer Service Care at any time for connectivity or any other query. The Professional Canon customer care will assist you in resolving your issue. You can reach out to the official website for scouting the contact information or live chat details of the Canon customer care. 


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