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Someone Is Using My Yahoo Email Address 

You should keep your username and password safe and secure so that you don’t face any problem such as account got hacked, your data is leaked, etc. You should always change the password of your account, time to time to minimize these problems.

How to check if someone else is accessing your Yahoo account?

If you have a Yahoo account and you think someone keeps trying to sign into my Yahoo account, you can check if your account is being accessed to any location. You can check the location and IP address of the device through which your account was accessed recently.

Using the information of the location you can easily identify the geographic region very easily and you can identify the internet service provider and then address of the device via involvements of law enforcement agencies using the IP address of the device through which your account was recently signed in.

Step to Know How to check Someone else signing Yahoo Acoount

If you are wondering how to check if somebody else is signing to my Yahoo account, you can check the IP addresses and the locations of the recent login to your Yahoo account by following the instructions given below:

  • You have to sign in to your Yahoo mail
  • Click on the name on the top
  • Click on Account Information
  • Enter the password of your Yahoo account (Yahoo email password)
  • Go to Sign in and security section

Now you will be able to see all the recent login details such as the IP address of the device, location, access type, event, etc. for your Yahoo account. You will be able to understand easily whether it was you or someone else.

If you see any suspicious login, you should understand your account is compromised. You can get the password of your Yahoo account changed to get rid of this problem.

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