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Steps to Delete Recovery Partition on Windows

Steps to Delete Recovery Partition on Windows

Process of deleting recovery partition on windows

While working on system we come across many hidden files and features which are vital parts of the system but we don’t know. One such important feature of windows is recovery partition. Recovery partition belongs to disk drive on your system whose main work is to look after computer’s image. Its main work is to make sure restoration process in system goes well and backup files are protected. The main responsibility of Recovery partition is to re install operating system if in case it gets corrupted. One can look for below points to know more about Recovery partition windows.

Features of Recovery partition windows:-

1.It looks after the efficiency of operating system

2.One can use recovery partition to do factory restore of the device

3.Helps in re installing recovery partition if it gets damaged

4.Used for updating software in case hard disk stops working

These were few of the features of recovery partition. In case if you want to delete recovery partition you can easily do it except in the case of system recovery because of any issue. To know more about How to delete a windows recovery partition one can follow below steps.

Steps to delete recovery partition:-

1.Before you decide to delete recovery partition you should know that once you delete it all data will be lost which can’t be restored. Follow these steps if you just want to delete a partition

2.Tap and click ‘start’ option

3.Select and click ‘disk management’

4.Right click on that partition you want to delete

5.Next click on ‘delete volume’

6.Once done select ‘yes’ where all data will be deleted

Suppose if you want to delete entire recovery partition then follow below steps.

  • Right click on ‘start’ option
  • Click on ‘command prompt’
  • Type ‘disk apart’
  • Type ‘list disk’
  • A list of disk will load from which select the ones you want to delete or remove
  • Now next type ‘select disk’ followed by the number of disks you want to delete
  • Next type select partition
  • And then type ‘delete partition’
  • And thus recovery partition will be deleted
  • Once you have deleted the partition there will be left space on your drive which you can use in many ways. To know more look below.
  • You can format the whole partition
  • Or you can extend the partition also known as windows partition.

Therefore following were the steps to delete recovery partition. In case you want to re access it you can follow opposite steps as How to create a recovery partition on windows 10. Also in case of further queries contact customer support.

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