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What if your Cox Internet is Not Working? [Solved]

What if your Cox Internet is Not Working?

Cox Communications is the American company that provides digital cable, home automation services and internet services to residents of America. It is the largest telecommunication company and provides choicest services. Due to its high-speed internet services, it is prefered by a maximum number of American residents. Cox communication also provides wireless services to users.

Knocking out the internet connection while your presentation or while gaming or while watching your favourite Tv show can be irritating sometimes. Here in this article, we shall explain the reasons behind the hindrance of Cox internet and solutions related to it.

Reasons behind Cox services not working   

Just like the many other services, Cox internet can face known and unknown issues. Problems come in many faces like slow internet connections, cable not fitting properly, unable to connect the devices and many other problems related with Cox internet not working. Some of the issues faced are mentioned below.

  1. The slow speed of the internet.

  2. Cox mini box problems.

  3. Cox cable not fitting with the modem.

  4. Cox Tv problems

  5. Cox wireless modem light not blinking

  6. Unable to reset the modem password

How to fix the cox internet issue

When the internet does not work then you feel like there is nothing to do as everything is now dependent on the internet today. If you face the same issue then you can read along to know the solution for it.

  1. If the internet does not works then first and foremost check your cox modem. Check if the lights are blinking or not. If not then you can switch off and then switch on the modem.

  2. You can check the wifi cable connections. Disconnect the cable and let the wifi rest for few minutes. Connect the cable and switch on the wifi and check whether the internet is working or not.

  3. If you are using the cox internet in your device then you can switch off and switch on your device. You can try to reboot your device as well.

  4. From the device which is connected to the cox internet, go to its settings option and then go to wifi and network option and by clicking on the name of the connected wifi forget the password. Connect it once again by entering the password.

If the cox internet problems still persist then you can contact the support desk without any hesitation. This service is available 24/7 and you can contact any time of the hour.

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