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Ways To Fix Gmail Not Sending Emails Issue

Gmail is popular webmail service of Google. It has millions of active users. Sometime issues can occur in Gmail and it can stop sending emails or do not load messages. These issues can cause because of many reasons. In this blog we will discuss the reasons of issue like Gmail Not Sending Emails With Attachments and its solutions.

Common reasons for Gmail to not send emails

  • Email limit
  • Spam email
  • Poor Internet
  • Cache
  • Update
  • Extensions

Gmail Issues and How to Fix Them

Email limit

Gmail provides a per day limit to users. For Google Apps like G Suite the limit is 2000 email messages. For consumer Gmail account the limit is 500. So if you have reached the maximum limit or exceeded the limit then in that case Gmail will not allow you to send more messages. You can wait for a day as your limit will reset and then you can send emails.


Another reason for Gmail to not send emails or for Gmail Not Refreshing can be that your internet connectivity is not strong. Because of poor connectivity Gmail won’t be able to send emails. Check your internet by loading few pages. If the problem is with your internet turn it off and restart it again.


If Gmail classified your sent messages as spam or there is spam text in the body of the message then Gmail will not send the message. Also if nay email is sent to a huge number of recipients in the BCC or CC list then it can come under spam category. Check your email and make sure it is not spam.

Incorrect details

If you enter incorrect recipient email address or your emails are sent to a non-existent email addresses them Gmail will stop sending the emails. Make sure the recipients address is correct. The email address should be valid and should clean their mailing lists.

Cache & cookies

Cache and cookies can also be the reason for Gmail to not send messages. Cache can be malicious or corrupted. It keeps accumulating and overload browser. So it can create errors in seamless working. You can go to the settings and clear cache and cookies from there.


Another cause of improper working of Gmail can be that your Gmail is outdated. Outdated versions do not support and often causes errors. Therefore it is important to update the app. Check if any latest version of Gmail s available and update it.


If many extensions or add-ons are installed then too issue scan occur. You cab disable these extensions and then check if Gmail starts sending email.

Try these ways and solve common issues of Gmail. However if the Gmail Not Sending Emails issue still persists then you can take help from the customers service center of Google. The executives will help you and provide solutions.

Know how to fix Gmail unable to send notifications on Android

Indeed, Gmail offers its customers the best services but some users have reported issues with the Gmail services like unable to receive notifications on Android. Fortunately, this issue is quite common and can be fixed in time by trying out some simple troubleshooting solutions. Further, to help out the users facing Gmail Not Sending Notifications Android issue here are some simple solutions that one can try out to fix this issue in time. 

Resolving Gmail is not sending notifications on Android

  1. Check application settings

  • There are times when users might not have enabled push notifications for their email account. 

  • So, for this process, simply navigate to the menu option and in the particular section tap on the ID for activating the push notification. 

    2. Ensure sync is enabled

  • Another reason for Gmail not sending notification can be because of sync issues.

  • So, to resolve this issue in time, it is suggested to the users to navigate to the Settings app and tap on Google option. 

  • Further, select the Gmail account that wish to sync with the device. 

     3. Clear cache

  • Besides, this issue can also arise because of the cached data. So, to quickly resolve this issue simply clear the cache of the Gmail application.

Still, if the user has any queries regarding Gmail Not Sending Emails Queued they can contact Google support for help. 

Gmail Not Sending Emails With Attachments

How to resolve gmail not sending emails with attachments problem

Gmail allow users to send mails by attaching file with the account, it is really convenient for the users to send it to anyone via mail service, sometime users come across various problem of not attaching file, where they get stuck because size of the file limit exceeded or it may be due to proxy and firewall. 

Fix the Gmail Attachment uploading errors by taking in to consideration the below points.

How to Fix?

  • Use the latest version of Adobe Flash to function properly, avoid using outdated plug-in.
  • Make use of the latest version of web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • An error message may display for the attachment failure due to proxy server. If your proxy server is enabled first we disable it to get rid of the problem.
  • Disabling your firewalls to smoothen the process.
  • Update your drivers to resolve the issue, as outdated drivers may be preventing you from attaching files.

See the significant improvement in the performance of the gmail account and speed up your computer once the whole procedure is done.

Hope you understand all the key points of gmail not sending emails with attachments. Follow the steps carefully to update your email account for the problem of Gmail Not Sending Emails With Attachments.


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