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Yahoo password recovery Using phone number

Yahoo Password Recovery Steps Using Phone Number

Yahoo mail is the free web portal used not only to send or receive text messages but also for many other services. This is the first email that became popular along with the internet and soon its functions were advanced. With the updated version and easy user interface, Yahoo has become the apple of the eye to its users. And in case you have forgotten your Yahoo password then you do not need to panic. The user may refer to the points below.

Steps to Get Back Your Yahoo Account

Method 1: Recovery Using Email

  1. Land on the web browser you prefer and go to from the search bar at the top of the page.

  2. Enter the username in the sign-in page and tap “Enter”.

  3. From the password field tap on the “Forget Password?” option at the bottom of the password box.

  4. Yahoo will redirect you to the Yahoo password recovery page and you have to select any one recovery option. Therefore, choose the option of recovery using Email and check the inbox of alternate email.

  5. Enter the verification code that you have received and enter the same in the space given on screen and tap “OK”.

  6. Yahoo server might take a few minutes to check the verification code and then allow it to create a new password.

  7. Therefore, enter the password that is unique and not easy to crack. Once done tap “OK”.

  8. The yahoo account password will be changed successfully and you can get back into your account with a new password.

Method 2: Recovery Using Security Question

  1. Go to from the web browser.

  2. Enter the username that you want to recover in the sign-in page and tap “Next”.

  3. Tap on the “Forgot Password?” option and you will be redirected to the recovery page.

  4. Choose the option of recovery using a security question and the question will be displayed in front of you.

  5. Answer the question correctly and tap “Next”.

  6. Yahoo will take some time to check the answer from its server and then allow you to create a new password.

  7. Therefore, the user is required to create a very strong password which is tough to crack at the same time and tap “OK”.

  8. The password gets changed and you can log into the account with the help of a new password.

Therefore, the user may try any of the steps above to get back his account. These steps can be used in case of Yahoo password recovery without a phone number.

Still Unable to Recover Your Account? Contact Yahoo Support

The users who are still facing the issue and unable to get back the account then they are free to contact Yahoo customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active so that the user does not hesitate in contacting the customer support representatives.

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