last update May 05, 2021
Can Google maps give voice directions?

Get details for starting the voice directions in Google maps !!

Google maps as we all know is the best application for navigating or searching places. It helps the user in finding whatever destination they are heading to with the use of some of the most easy steps. Also, the user can enable the voice directions on Google maps so that they can easily get the guidance of the routes for their destinations.

So, for getting the Google maps voice directions the user is supposed to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • To enable voice directions on Google maps, first of all the user is required to open Google maps on their android devices.

  • Then in the destination option the user is supposed to enter the place where they want to go.

  • Now after the user have entered their destination, they need to select on the transportation icon that is mentioned at the bottom of the Google maps page.

  • The user then is required to start the navigation by pressing the start option.

  • By selecting on the start option the voice directions will also get enabled and further the user can get the assistance from it.

Hence, these are the steps for getting the Google maps voice directions. Enabling the voice directions while driving and locating the place is really very easy as the driver can easily drive and can also listen to the routes provided by the Google maps. On the other hand, if the user face any confusion related to these steps, then they can straightaway contact its concerned representatives and can get the support from them.

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