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Get Secure Your Hotmail Account

How to Secure Hotmail Account

For the email purposes, the Hotmail is most trusted and old email service provider which enables the users to get all the services for their personal as well as professional use go easily and smoothly. But for the email related services, the most crucial part is to make it secure. In order to do so, users need to active the two-step verification method which makes the email account of users safe and restricts other users from accessing it. It is very much required by the users to make their account safe as many of the important professional work might be stored by them in their email account which makes it trouble for them if someone else use it.

  • Go to the webpage of the Hotmail

  • Select security info under overview

  • Make sure that you have added your phone number

  • Under the option of two-step verification, click on the option of setup

  • Follow the screen prompts to setup the two step verification

  • Enter the code send to your phone number

  • Now you have enabled the two-step verification

The two-step verification will secure Hotmail account which will make the account safe for the users and let them work easily on it.

It is advised to the users to make the account secured in order to stop the intruders to access the account and breach their privacy. Users need to have the registered mobile phone with them at the time of registering the two-step verification on their account and make it safe for using the email services. 

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