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Gmail Password Reset|Change Gmail Password|Reset Gmail Account Password

How to Change & Reset Gmail Password?

Google has introduced Gmail as a free email service. Due to its easy-to-handle features and safety concerns, millions of people prefer to use it. It never initiates its users to recover an account password, but the users do that initiated by two circumstances; i.e., password hacked or password forgotten. This guide is sufficient for those users who are facing such problems (Gmail Password Reset) for the very first time.

Open Gmail [Sign In] page and enter your [Gmail ID] or email. Hit the [Next] icon and click on [Forgot Password]. In this section, you need to choose the way by which you want to recover your Gmail password. You can recover Gmail password by submitting the old password. Google Authenticator is two-step verification on Google account. Open your Google Authenticator app and submit the 6 digit code to access your Gmail account. Verification by Phone Number is one of the easiest approaches to Gmail Password Reset. It will prompt you to enter the Code sent by Google on your mobile phone. Answering the Security Question is known as very old and conventional method. In this mode, you can recover your password by answering the security question that you had submitted when you created the Gmail Account ID.

You can access and recover your Gmail password account by confirming phone which you submitted in your security settings. It is another phone that you have submitted. If you have added another phone number, it can help you in your Reset Gmail Password. Did you remember the month and year for creating your Google Account? Go for it if the answer is affirmative. Yes, you can recover your Gmail password by using Google Account Creation date. Email Verification is another very conventional and secure method in this regard. You must have asked to submit [Your Current Email Address] at the time of account creation. Probably you have added a secondary email account as a security option. However, the secondary email ID can help you immensely in your Gmail Password Change.  

Procedure to change Gmail password

Changing your email secret word frequently shields your data from programmers and keeps your virtual messages secure. Here's the manner by which to finish the undertaking in only a couple of basic strides.It is important to know, If you speculate your record was hacked, do ensure you check the PC you are utilising to change the secret key for malware and key logging programming specifically before you change Gmail password.

  • Step 1: First step is to Tap the "Settings" Gear in the Gmail's Navigation Bar or Tap the Settings equip symbol in your Gmail's route bar.
  • Step 2: Then you have to Go to the "Accounts" Category, Then under the change account setting you will find an option to cg=hange password then you have to follow that link further to reset your password.
  • Step 3: 1.Now you have to enter the current Gmail secret key over Password under “Please re-enter your password ” 2.Then you have to click on Sign in.
  • Step 4: Enter the New Password under the option "New password", Enter the new password key twice, finished New password and Repeat new password key, Remember Make beyond any doubt you pick a secret word that is both secure and simple to remember.Changing it regularly,simply like you are doing now will always help in ensuring your Gmail account, as well.
  • Step 5: Then click on “CHANGE PASSWORD”.
  • Step 6: TO Find a way to Secure Your Gmail Account

You should Log out of all Gmail sessions remotely and keep lost or stolen gadgets from getting to your Google account.Confirm you perceive all administrations and individuals getting to your Gmail account. You should also Empower Google 2-stage verification for extra security of your Gmail account.

How to reset gmail account password?

Gmail account is a very significant and most used email service provider which makes it very convenient for the users to communicate for their email related work. It has multiple features for the users to make it easy for them to manage their personal as professional work.

The gmail account is always password protected which makes it very safe for the users to access their account and keep it secured. But it sometimes happens that the users are not able to access their account because they have forgot their password. In such situation, users need not to be worried as they can reset the password by following some of the simple steps and make it easy for them

·        Go to the login page of gmail

·        Enter the user name

·        Select the option of I forget password

·        There are three different ways through which users can reset the password

·        Get a code on the registered mobile number or a link on the email address or answer the security question

·        After selecting the appropriate method users will be able to access their account

These steps will help the users to get back the access of their account and set a new password. The can access the gmail technical support if there happens to be any issue.

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