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Google Account Recovery Without Phone Number/Mobile Number/Security Questions

Know Various Methods For Google Account Recovery!

Google account is useful for sending and receiving email over the internet. With the help of Google account creation, you can access Google docs, Google play store, Google photos, and so on.

When you use Google account then there may be a chance your google accounts may be locked due to wrong password and email id. Then you need to recover your Google account.

Google Account Recovery Without Phone Number

If you want Google account recovery without phone number then you need to follow given below steps. You will have a look on these steps on recover google account without phone number:

  • First of all, you have to open your Google Account support page.

  • Then you need to enter your email id and click Next.

  • Now enter the password if you do not remember your password then click on Forgot password link.

  • Here you are required to enter the verification code via text message, you need to skip these steps and all the phases and click on the “Try a different question”.

  • Now you will see a request that “Get a prompt on your device” if you have already added your mobile device at the time of account creation.

  • Then you will see a prompt on your mobile device, click on the “YES”.

Google Account Recovery Without Security Questions

There may be a chance when you may find that these steps are not relevant for Google account recovery then you need to choose different methods such as Google account recovery without security question. You will have to follow all these steps.

  • At first, you will have to open your Google account support page.

  • Enter your email id and password.

  • If you have forgotten your password then click on the “Forgot password” link.

  • Here you will see “answer the security question you added to your account “, you need to skip this phase.

  • Click on the “Try with different questions”. Here you will see a page where you have to enter your recovery mail address.

  • Google will send a verification code on that email id, you need to enter that verification code.

Google Account Recovery Without Recovery Email

Google provides a facility that you can recover your email account without a recovery mail address. There is some instruction for Google account recovery, you just need to have a look at these:

  • You need to open the Google account page.

  • You have to enter your Google email id and then the password.

  • If you have forgotten your Google account password then click on the forgot password link.

  • Here you have to skip all the previous phases until you will not get “Answered the security question”.

  • Now you to answer that question and your account will be open.

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