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Google Customer Service Phone Number & Other 

Google is a part of alphabet which is a collection of companies. Google is a search engine which is used for browsing the Internet. Now, google includes so many products such as Android,Google search,You tube,Google Apps and so on. Being as a multinational company, it provides so many features to its users. Google includes cloud computing,internet analytic and operating system development.

Google is used by millions of users in today's life. Although it is easy to use but some time when you use Google then you may face some technical hurdles which is not resolved by you. At that time you can contact to Google customer service phone number. By dialing Google support number,you will be in direct contact of Google customer representative. They will provide you reliable solution for any query. If you want to contact Google customer care representative then first you have to go to the Google support site. From where you can get support in any field such as if you are having problem with Google drive then there is a contact number of Google drive support, you may dial Google phone number and ask any question.

Procedure To Contact Google Customer Service Number

If you have mail id of any Google customer service & support representative then you may send an email them to tell your complains. When they will read your email then immediately they will revert back to you. Google provide well qualified experts. If you are facing any technical issue then you may contact to Google customer support. They will provide you remote support via taking the control of your desktop and try to resolve any issues related to Google service. No matter, where are you, Google agents will give you best solution. You can do the online chat with Google customer service representative to prevent any problem. You will not to have worry for anything as Google agents will give you uncomplicated solution to your complains.

Calling Google Customer Support Phone Number 24/7

When you visit to the official site of Google then you see so many notification. Here you will have to select the service by which you are getting problem. Google customer service is always available for you. They provide support in various ways such as phone support, forum page support, online chat and so on. To select any product you need to go to the top of the screen and click on the icon. Now you need to click on the help forum. Whenever you click on help forum then Google customer support representative record your query and they provide high traffic and full of information about your problem.

Some of the fascinating Google products that has been remarkably explored by individuals on daily basis are enlisted below:-

  • With Google map, user can efficiently track the location in jiffy

  • By making swift use of Google translator, user can translate incredibly 100 of language in jiffy

  • User can effectively watch videos, play music by making use of YouTube application, Google play music,

  • User can tremendously make use of Smartphone pixel and enjoy versatile application in hassle free manner

  • User can stay in touch and connected to huge number of people through allo application, duos, Gmail, hangout and Google plus remarkably

  • User can efficiently work by making use of Google drive

  • User can grow their business by making use of Google my business, ad words, adsense and google analytics.

For further knowledge and assistance related to google products, user can place call on Google technical support phone number to get outstanding assistance and guidance in uniform manner.

Some of the devastating technical glitches that are faced by user with Google products

  • Issue in installation and configuration of Gmail in android device

  • Error in compatibility of chrome browser

  • Error in send and receive of mails

  • Password tribulation with Gmail account

  • Hiccups due to account being hacked or blocked

  • Issue in attachment of bulky files in mail account

  • Error in tracking location with GPS tracker

All the technical snags can be broadly solved by technical expertise in pretty easier way. User is required to trigger call on Google tech support number available 24/7 round the globe to avail magnificent solution instantly.

Dexterous solution to Reset Google Account Password

  • User is required launch web browser

  • Moving ahead, user is required to navigate Google official web portal

  • Now user is required to proceed to account support page

  • Moving ahead, user is required to answer array of questions to prove that user is authentic account holder

  • If user doesn’t receive mail in inbox, user is required to check spam folder in rapid manner. If any error persist, just get in touch with Google Customer Care to seek dexterous solution in nick of time.

  • Moving to next step, user is required to enter new password

  • User can efficiently keep account safe and secure by choosing unique and novel password which should be combination of letters, symbols and special characters.

  • Finally once the password has been entered twice after confirmation, user is required to hit click on save option to apply changes in cost effective manner.

Contact Google Customer Service Now

User can seek remarkable assistance to ward off technical snag by following guidelines to amend the error in couple of time. User can seek free of cost assistance through phone support, help forum page, email, chat and live session and remote support in incredible way. Customer can seek voice support by making brisk call on Google technical support number to get the error solved in cost effective way. For unwilling troubles and hurdles, user can perfectly seek sound advice and guidance to troubleshoot error in robust way. Be in touch to get splendid solution in hassle free manner at doorstep along with full satisfaction.

Google Account Resetting by Google Customer Service Support Team

Google is the world’s most widely accessed website. Google started its journey from a mere search engine but with the passage of time it developed itself into a multi-functional service provider through lots of innovation, acquisition and partnerships. Google has released several iconic services on internet which made our life simpler like Gmail, google drive, google maps, google doc and many more. In order to access all these service, having a google account serves as a single point of contact. I won’t be wrong to say that every internet user is definitely having a google account. There is possibility that you might forget your google account credentials. In-case you forgot your google account credentials, then google customer service is always there to guide you so that you can reset your account.

  • Go to google sign in page.

  • Now you will see a heading having trouble signing in?  and click the option I don’t know my password.

  • Now it will solicit you the email address of the lost password, so provide it accordingly.

  • It will ask you to enter the last password you recall and continue. I you know don’t remember then select I don’t know.

  • Google will send you the verification code via text message (sms) or an automated call. You need to select any one of the method to retrieve verification code. You need to enter the same verification code after which you will be landed to a page asking you to set new password and confirm the same. Finally you have reset your password

  • This method of resetting the password will only work if you have your present mobile number is saved into your google account otherwise you won’t be able to receive your verification code. In that case you need to select confirm access by recovery mail

  • You can also select confirm access by recovery mail. A link will be sent to your recovery mail. You need to sign in to your recovery mail, find the mail from google support and click it. You will be directed to google page asking you to set new password and confirm the same. Finally you have reset your password.

  • If the problem still persist, you need to visit for google customer service.

In-case troubleshooting also doesn’t help you out, then you need to dial google customer support number and google customer service phone number 1-888-828-4871 (toll free), they will assist you in resetting your google account.

Here Some Important Information for Google Support

  • Official Google Tech Support Link
  • Google Account Help - Google Support
  • Official Google Support Phone Numbers Worlwide
  • General Support & Customer Service Phone: (650) 253-0000 Fax: (650) 253-0001
  • Independent Google Customer Service Support Number: +1-888-589-0539 (Toll-Free)                   
  • Google USA Customer Service Number: +1(877)355-5787 (toll-free, U.S. only)
  • Google Phone Numbers: +1(646)257-4500 (worldwide)
  • Google Headoffice Phone Number: +1(650)253-0000
  • Google Customer Support Number: 1(855)925-7078
  • Google Technical Support Contact Number: 1-888-828-4871 (USA)

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Saburi Majari Hadj

Hi hi! I need to reset my password asap lalala F88ing scammers!

Bonsaa Abrahim

Hi google please recover my account..... my account Bonsaa Abrahim

tsetan dolma

i forgot alternate e.mail and phone no ... can someone help me plz....

Raj sekh

Google could not verify this account without you please help me to get back my account


My Account is not working. when i loged the account it says that google could not verify your account. kindly please recover my account as soon as poosible.It is very important for me

Samuel pineda

Hello I need help I cant access to my other Gmail account can somebody help me

Samuel pineda

Hello I need help I cant access to my other Gmail account can somebody help me

Anil Maharjan

My account was hacked and i cant sign in.

deepesh rawal

hello customer support team, i have forgot my password please help me to recovery my account please

alliandro quebec

my past account was taken by a scammer i grant him to change my account security, in exchange he will pay me, but in return nothing happen he fooled me so my gmail account is not mine anymore, can you telle me how can i recover it from him?? :( very much appreciated if you can help me.


Can u help me to retrieve my forgotten password through my gmail account pls i really need youd help very urgent


Hi I cannot access my Google account pls help me access

Stefan Gajic

Dear Google customer service team, please help me! I am desperated...i cant open my google account for games only...i lost my phone number and mail for verification and cant open it. Please help me.

Juniuso macon

Discontinue email alerts. You're a nuis ance. Delete my email alerts. Junius

Ethel Robin Ponthier

Google can't verify it's me. My iphone is connected so I can access it via my mail app. If I try to use my internet browser on my phone or my computer google doesn't let me sign in no matter what I do via recovery methods.

Karen Gundel Hilb Cordes

hi I have a gmail account and I forgot the password I no longer have the phone number I gave them so I can't verify my account in that way would you be able to help me thanks in advance

Barb Frat

how to recover gmail password without phone number, security questions.

Louise Hochron

I use Picassa 3 to edit my photo albums. When finished I have uploaded them to google photos. For my last 3 albums when I went online I had a message they could not be found. I use the 800-pixel default setting, no sharing . and it was synced to the web and I was signed in. Where are these uploaded albums.. Help?? Louise Hochron


I want new password

Surender SINGH

My account is not open Please help me 9911776400

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