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Google Hangouts Not Working (+1(802) 267-7774) Not Responding Hangouts

Google Hangouts Not Working - Not Responding Hangouts

If you are away from your near and dear ones and want to connect to them, Google hangout is the best place where you can join them instantly by messaging, video call, or audio call.

But, if you are a frequent user of Google hangout and facing the problem of google hangouts not working, you can go through following steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Check your network connection, if it is alright then going for the next step to see any error in your hangout.
  2. Make sure if the problem is from your side or the other person. Send messages, call or do a video call to some more people. If you are forwarded to other persons then it is problem from that particular person whom you are unable to contact. Ask that person to troubleshoot the error.
  3. If you are can’t make calls to anyone, then, the problem is from your side. Make sure the microphone, camera, and speakers are working properly and turned on.
  4. If any of the hardware is connected through USB, then, make sure the device driver software has been successfully installed.

  5. Make sure the microphone or the camera is turned on.
  6. Look if any other program on your computer is not using your microphone, camera or speakers.
  7. Check your Google hangout settings by clicking on the Settings, which is at the top of the video call window.
  8. Restart your cell and computer. Exit the app, close the app. Restart your device and start the hangout app again.

Try the above steps to troubleshoot the problem of Google hangout not working.

Is Google Hangouts down right now?

Google's Hangouts visit and video conferencing application are leaving this year, in any event for some users. On Tuesday, Google reported that its Google Hangouts service is shutting down for G Suite customers in October 2019. It will be supplanted by Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

How do I reset hangouts?

Google Hangout user they want to reset your Hangout Application without lost any massages and essentials data need follow the below steps:

  • Go to: Phone Settings -> Apps -> Swipe to "All" tab.
  • Scroll down to Hangouts.
  • Scroll to Hangouts Dialer.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Install the Hangouts app (or updates) getting you to the latest version available.
  • Open Hangouts, sign in again if prompted, and then retry.

If Google users have any issues related to Google products. Then user free to call any time from the Google customer service agent assistance at +18077704082.

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