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Today most of the people needs to deal with a mailing account at some point of time. Since this is the only way of communicating the important thing is left for the people. So in case you are at a age where you are looking for some job then also you will need a mailing account so that people can get touch with you. And in that case the best mailing account that one can go for is the gmail, which is officially govern by the google company.

So if you are novice to gmail then you have to know that creating a gmail account is really an easy task. You just need to take few minutes to register for it by going to the official site and then filling the basic mandatory information. As you do so then you become liable of getting a gmail email address as well as the password that you generate for yourself. And in future whenever you feel a need to access your account then you can simply use that information to login to your account. Connect with Google email support team of google via google live chat support and google phone support.

Now you may find a number of difficulty when you are using something for the first time but once you start using it on the regular basic then you no more feel that difficulty. The important thing is that if you have someone who could help in the difficult time then that time becomes a bit easy. So considering the same thing the company is providing the best google live chat support and google live chat service care to help the user in dealing with the issues.

If you want to use the gmail with a new email address then following the below steps:-

  • Here you have to go to the my account option after signing in.

  • followed by going to the personal info and the privacy section.

  • After that you have to choose the email option and then the advanced option.

  • After that you have to select the add alternate email address option that is present next to the alternate emails.

  • Here enter the address of your choice and then tap on add and you are done.

Google search history settings - google live chat support

Google is one of the most iconic names in the field of internet. Google began its trip from a web based search engine and yet with the progress of time it transformed itself into a multi-specialist organization through heaps of advancement and procurement. Google web search is the most accessed search engine on World Wide Web. Google has delivered a many famous services on web like Gmail, google drive, google maps, google doc and some more. To have an access to all these great services you just need to have just one google account. Whenever you are logged in to your google account it records all your activity including the search history. You can view and manage your activity using Google’s Myactivity (

Follow the steps in order to stop recording history from your google search

  • Go to using Google’s My Activity website

  • You will be then asked to enter your google account credentials to gain access to Google’s My activity home page

  • After entering My activity homepage, find activity controls from menu on the left.

  • Then enter the web and app activity section.

  • Click pause and tick the checkbox to turn it off

  • Give confirmation on your selection  

Follow the steps in order to delete history from your google search

  • Select bundled view for deleting individual history items.

  • Select the entry you want to delete

  • Open the setting by clicking three vertical dots on right side and select delete

  • In order to delete several history items

  • Find and select delete activity by given under menu

  • Under delete by date section you will get options to select range of dates for which you want history to be erased.  

  • Finally select delete mentioned at the bottom.

For any issue you may contact google live chat support help by support phone number. Google products related technical issues resolved by live google support chat and google support live chat usa.

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So i forgot my password and security questions for my gmail account “” and now i can’t log on to my psn account either while they are taking money out of my bank account monthly because of my subscription and I would like to cancel it. If you could please help me with getting my gmail account “”.

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