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Google Password Reset Help & How to Google Account Reset

Seek Useful Guidance for the Procedure of Google Password Reset & Google Account Reset

Google account is the ordinary pack of free webmail service which is used on various devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and much more. Especially there is significant use of Google account on an Android device when someone purchases his new device. At this, he can manage his Google account on his android device if he is having these types of the account already otherwise he can create his account at the beginning of using an Android device. We have mentioned this kind of simple and needless information for those users who exactly want to know the use of Google account.

Thus, Google account can be created and installed by using an Android and computer device. But being a user-friendly service it is very easy to use on Apple devices as well. Quite often the users have to face some of the common issues that can make them too much bother if they don't have awareness related to the technical troubleshooting. We are here to bestow appropriate help in order to puzzle out the hassles in no time. Android is a software developed by Google and manages by the Google account or Gmail account. Generally, the users consider it a Gmail account by using the correct email address and password to access it with ease.

Unfortunately, when they unable to sign in their Gmail account, the problem is having the password is wrong or email address is not correct so be clear from this fact. In other words, when someone encounters the issue during sing in, he needs to recover his Google account for his phone immediately. In order to recover Google account if there is an issue, he can receive a kind of help from tech engineers who are available in their office to deal with the issue in a very short span of time. So cheer up and contact techies to seek guidance simply.

Here is the method on how to reset the Google account password:

  • First of all, Start on your Android or iPhone device and then go to the Google app.

  • Enter the correct email address and password and then press the sign-in button.

  • If you are showing an error message then you can press the forgot password button.

  • Enter the alternate correct email address and, then press the verify button then move to the next.

  • Go to the contact email account to check out the verification code and then enter that code into the relevant field.

  • On the next page, you can clearly notice the password recovery link that allows entering the new password.

  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password fields at the end.

Now you can access Google account on your Android device or iPhone simply.

Method 1: Google Password Reset Steps, If You Forgot Your Google Account Password and Phone Number

Gmail is one of the fastest-growing email services used by billions of users across the globe. But sometimes users face lots of kind’s problems while using their Google account and password reset is one among those. Some user’s complaints I forgot my Gmail password and phone number that is associated with their Google account. It’s very important to reset the password of Google account to prevent unauthorized access. But if you forgot your phone number, then you need to apply the below steps of password reset.

  • First of all, go to the official Google account sign-in page and then click on Forgot password.

  • Enter your Google account address that password you want to reset and then tap on Next.

  • Now it will ask your last password to enter. If you don’t have, then skip this step and click on Try a different question.

  • Choose a password reset method via email and then you will receive a password reset link on your alternate email ID.

  • Click on Continue and then open your alternate email ID and then also open the password reset link.

  • After that, enter a new password for your Google account into the given box and then re-enter it to confirm.

  • Click on Continue to complete the procedure.

Method 2: Another method for Google password reset by answer security questions that will help to get back to your email account.

  • First of all, go to the official Google account reset page and then click on Forgot password.

  • Enter your email ID into a given field and then click on Next.

  • Choose the answer security question method and then give the correct answer to all your security questions.

  • Click on Next.

  • Change your Google account password.

  • Enter a new password for your Gmail account to finish the procedure.

Successfully!! Now your Gmail account password has been reset with a new one and you can without much of stretch access your account.

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