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Hotmail Not Working On iPhone

Hotmail is a widely used electronic mail service that is offered by Microsoft. Loaded with advanced features and facilities, it provides a rich conversation experience and that is why it is regarded as one of the best electronic mailing services in the market today.

If you are a Hotmail user then there have been instances where you would have experienced some glitches while operating the Hotmail email services. These glitches are temporary and can be resolved without going for any proper technical assistance. You can correct them with the help of some hacks that we are going to cover today in this paper. So if you are interested to know how you can fix the issues with the Hotmail then stick to thievery end and eradicate glitches to have a smooth mailing experience.


Before jumping right away into the solutions let us first examine some of the commonly administered issues and problems that the users face. The most common errors are as follows:

  • Problem with login into the Hotmail email account.

  • Problems with the sign-in process into the Hotmail. 

  • Problems related to sign up in Hotmail. 

  • Encountering a clear page while trying to open the Hotmail email.

  • Most issues encountered by the users are related to sending and receiving mail.

  • Then there are issues related to the configuration of email or setup issues.

  • Many have encountered issues in which the email program shuts abruptly. 

  • Some are not able to send or get messages. 

  • Mailer Daemon issue is another glitch which occurs while using the Hotmail. 

  • There are several issues that occur with the email attachment. Whenever documents are attached to the mailing service in which Hotmail ceases. 

  • There are certain problems with designing mail. 

  • Constant Receiving of fraudulent and spam emails. 

  • Then there is temporary account blocking problems. 


These are some of the glitches that are widely encountered by the users and this also depletes the mailing experience. To eradicate these along with other glitches and issues there are certain steps that one may take if Hotmail not working on iPhone 2020.

  • First and foremost, if you are using Hotmail services then you must ensure that the Hotmail is compatible with your browser. If the Hotmail is not compatible with the browser then there are chances that you will encounter issues while using Hotmail. 

  • Next thing you can run some checks on your web browser and make sure that it is up to date. 

  • Further, you can also see whether you have an active internet connection or not. Having n active connection is crucial for a smooth experience. If you do not have an active connection then Hotmail will not work. You can contact your service provider for the same. Install an active internet connection to enjoy Hotmail services without any interruptions or hindrances.

  • Another most important thing that one must check is that their devices are free from cookies and cache data as they may interrupt the Hotmail emailing services over iPhone. If cache and cookies are accumulated then get rid of it at once and then again try and reload the email to get smooth running Emailing services.

  • Furthermore, it is advised t also check whether or not you are using an updated version of the Hotmail email. You must look for updates and the Hotmail must remain updated all the times. 

  • The response activity of the Hotmail emailing also becomes unresponsive because of an old iOS. You need to make sure that your iOS is also updated to the latest version.

Hope this helps with Hotmail not working on iPhone.

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