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How do I transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone ?

Simple Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to an iPhone

If you have recently switched from the samsung to the iphone then you may be having many confusion regarding the set up of the new phone as well as the data transfer issues. And hence you have to deal with them with care like if you want to transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone.

Follow the Steps and Get Your Contacts from Samsung to iPhone

  • Here you need to start the process by first of all settimg up your apple device that is iphone which is done by following a normal set up process.

  • After that you have to reach the screen titled apps and data on your device.

  • As you click on this, you will be forwarded to a page where you need to select the option of the move data from android option.

  • After that you have to simply open your samsung device and then you need to go to the move ios app option.

  • Followed by tapping on the continue button on to both the devices.

  • Then you have to simply agree to the terms of use followed by tapping on the next button that is present on the upper right corner of the page.

  • So once you reach this step then you have to simply enter the code i.e basically a 10 digit code displayed on your iphone to the Samsung device.

  • After that you have to wait for the two devices to connect followed by selecting the contacts and then tapping on the next button in order to start the moving process.

  • Then as the process finishes then you have to simply tap on the done button on your Samsung device and you also need to tap continue on the iphone device.

In case of any query try to reach the person who has deep knowledge regarding this process.

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