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How to Add Any Files to iTunes Library?

How to Add Any Files to iTunes Library?


Itunes is basically the library that you can use if you are using the iphone or the ipad so this is one of the platform where you can download or create the playlist of your favorite sons online. And then whenever you wants to play those songs then you can easily go for connecting your device to the itunes followed by organizing your songs as well as playing them.

So just in case you are wondering about how to use it or how to deal with the issues that this itunes faces the you need not have to think much since you can easily take the help from the techies of the company to troubleshoot the issues. Now just think of a situation where you wants to Add Any Files to iTunes Library,then in that case you just have to simply go for following the steps that are written below:-

  • At the very first step you have to go to the itunes and then open it.

  • Followed by going to the option of choosing the files followed by tapping on the option of add folder to library.

  • And just in case you are not able to see that option saying file, edit or the view option then you have to press the ctrl option along with the B button.

  • You need to press both the buttons simultaneously followed by locating the folder that you wish to import the files from.

  • After that you will see that once you select the folder that that you are importing the file from then you will be able to see the files in the library itunes.

  • Then you can simply go for playing those songs from the newly added list of songs in to the library followed by listening to them without any errors.

So this is the simple process that you need to follow in order to add the files to your library of itunes and just in case you feel that you are not able to do so properly then you always have an option of calling the experts from the company to know the best possible songs.

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