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How to reset Century-link Email password

How to reset the Century-link Email Account Password?

Some Tips to Improve Centurylink Account Security!

Centurylink Email is one of the main mailing platforms developed by Centurylink, with the safety and security to keep your information safe and secure. Lots of Centurylink users need to think about how to make Centurylink account safe and secure. Read this article to get steps on how to make Centurylink account safe from hackers. Along these tips & tricks, users can take Centurylink benefit, through the master or experts of Centurylink.

  • Use Strong Password:- Keep a strong password for Centurylink is very important to make accounts safe and secure. The Centurylink account password should be lengthy and a combination of numbers, uncommon characters, capital, and small alphabets.
  • Utilize a Recovery Email Address:- In case you have forgotten your Centurylink account password and want to recover your Centurylink email account then that time secondary email address will help you out from this problem. You can easily reset and recover your forgot Centurylink password. So it’s very important to link any working email id with your account as a recovery email address.
  • Setup Security Question:- To make your Centurylink account secure, you need to set up some security questions (secret questions) in your Centurylink account. To remember your secret questions and answers, you should update your Security Question within 2 or 3 months. It will also help you to recover your Centurylink account, in a case when you don’t have access to your recovery email.
  • Mention Mobile Phone Number:- At the time of Centurylink account creation, a Mobile phone number is required to linked with your account to get proper notification, when someone gets into your account and someone changed your account password. So linked your mobile phone number to make your email account secure.
  • Make Distance From Public Wireless Networks

If you are facing any password recovery problem related to your email account then contact Email Experts.

To Reset/Change Centurylink Password

Log in to your Centurylink email account and click My Centurylink Account at the top of the inbox page. Click on the Manage Account Settings, and then click on the update information, tap on the Change Password. Enter your current Centurylink password, then pick a new password between 8 and 16 characters. Now your password is changed.

If you've lost, forgotten Centurylink password or want to change your password:

  1. First, you need to go at

  2. Enter your Centurylink User Id or Password and click Continue.

  3. If your account cannot access, then you need to tap on the forgot my password button.

  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code to prove you are not a robot. Click Continue

  5. Now you need to choose a method for recovering your Centurylink password, recovery option listed below and click Next.

  6. Enter your Recovery Emails, Phone Number or PIN. Click Next

  7. A Confirmation Link will be sent by Centurylink to your recovery phone or email address

  8. Find the Confirmation Link and Tap on the Link

  9. Now “Password Change” Box Will Show on the Screen.

  10. Enter your New Password (Should be Unique or lengthy), Re-enter your new password then continue

  11. Your password has been successfully changed confirmation page will appear.

Recover Your Centurylink Email Account - Centurylink Password Recovery Help

To recover a password for a Centurylink email account. Go to and click sign in. tap on the forgot password, enter your 10 digit phone number to get verification code>enter your code>confirm and click continue>change your password to access your account.

Note:- This tutorial on Centurylink password recovery and Centurylink password reset is only meant for providing information.

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