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How to Change Spectrum Wifi Password and Username?

Spectrum provides the fastest internet connection through wifi, routers, and modems as well. Spectrum allows a fantastic service where users can turn out their domestic modem or router into a public Wi-Fi hotspot. If anyone using a Spectrum cable connection, then it will turn into a public WiFi hotspot easily. But sometimes spectrum users facing password changing issues with their wifi connection or modem devices, so we are offering here tips & tricks on how to change spectrum wifi password or changing spectrum internet router password.

To Changing Spectrum Wifi Password and Username

Following the simple methods to change the username and password of your Spectrum Wifi.

  • To change the spectrum wifi hotspot password>Open web browser>Type then enter>Find login option>Choose to manage my Account option>Select Internet>Now you need to locate your Device>Click on See Device Information button>Now you can see your Device information i.e username or password>Click on password>Tap on change password>Enter current password>Now type new password then save.

  • Secondary Option, from the Spectrum application, you can easily change Spectrum Wifi information (Spectrum wifi username/id and Spectrum wifi password)

  • First, open the Spectrum App and then enter your email id, username, or phone number then enter the spectrum App password to log in.

  • Then click the bottom of the spectrum home screen and hit on the Internet option.

  • Tap on the Network name(Modem or Router Device Name), Which one you want to change.

  • Click on Change Spectrum Wifi settings.

  • Now enter your old password or Default password.

  • Type the new password and re-enter your new password for your Spectrum WiFi.

The above mentioned are the two methods to modify and change your Spectrum Wifi password.

To Changing Spectrum Router Internet Password:

Spectrum gives few routers to its users. So lots of users facing issues with changing spectrum router passwords, the steps on how to change spectrum modem passwords are given below.

  • First, users need to open a web browser and type to in the address bar. Now, users will be redirected to a page where it is displayed; customer username is Admin and password is Password. Spectrum users may even have a blank password.

  • Now on the left side of your system, in the menu section, visit Gateway, then hit on the Connection button > Wifi button> click on the Edit Account Password Button, which is next to the wifi network.

  • Now change the Spectrum network password and also the SSID if you can its depends upon the user's choice then click on the Saving button.

  • In the Next Step, users should change the Spectrum modem password as well as the old one.  

  • Follow the steps: Visit Troubleshooting Area>Click on Change Spectrum Password>Enter Current Spectrum Password>Type New Password>Re-enter New Spectrum Password>Hit on Save Button.

Spectrum modem users are now all set with the new Spectrum internet router password. Above mentioned article is on how users can easily change Spectrum router or Spectrum Wifi Passwords. Hope all visitors find our Article helpful.

How to find a spectrum password?

What are the ways to find a Spectrum password?

In today’s time, the internet has become as important as breathing for survival. There is not even a single thing that is not possible without the internet. From sending emails to booking tickets for flights or ordering food, a timeline of the internet has come a long way. Meanwhile for following all of these tasks we also need a strong internet connection. And for connecting the internet, what else than having a strong WiFi? Many providers offer internet services at a fast speed. Spectrum WiFi is one such service provider of Wireless Internet.

Spectrum WiFi password 

Spectrum is a telecommunication based company that provides fast internet, telephone, and television subscriptions. Hence if you want, you can easily use any of their entertainment or communication services. If you use the internet for completing most of your work, then using Spectrum could be a wise decision.

Changing or finding Spectrum WiFi password 

If you are a spectrum user and want to find or change your WiFi password then you can always use various methods. To know how to find the spectrum password of your WiFi account, the user can use the below methods.

Router or Gateway Label 

After getting the router installed people usually change the password or user name of their accounts. In case you never changed it, then you can find it written above the router. You can even find it in the paper or payment receipt of your router.

On Windows 8

If you use Windows 8 version on your system and it’s connected with your WiFi, then you can get all the details of your internet from there. To find how to refer to the below steps.

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet
  • Click on the start button
  • In the search option, click on network and sharing a link
  • Now tap on manage wireless network where you can find network names
  • Tap on properties followed by a security tab
  • Select show characters and done.


If you use Windows 10 version, you can still find your WiFi information by following the same steps as that of Windows 8.

Using a MAC device

  • If you use the MAC device then follow the below steps to get your Wi-Fi details.
  • Open Key-chain access app and look for applications and utilities
  • Check password username and tap on show password
  • Enter MAC’s username and password, and then tap Allow.
  • You can see your password in the show password tab.

And you are done. Similarly, you can follow similar steps for change password. For more queries, kindly contact customer support.

How do I get my spectrum username and password? 

  • First of all, you need to open the Spectrum homepage and click the Forgot Username or Password? option. 

  • On the next screen, you should choose an option.

Retrieve Your Spectrum Username Or Reset the Password

Using Contact Info:

  • As you select the Contact Info, you have to enter the email address or phone number linked to your account. 

  • Verify that you're not a robot. 

  • And confirm the account through which you want to get the code. It could be text, email, or phone call. 

  • Once you get the verification code, you can need to enter the code in the provided field. And you can log in or reset the password of Spectrum Account.

Using Account Information:

  • If you choose the Account Info option, you will require to enter the account number and security code. 

  • Verify that you're not a robot. 

  • And confirm the account through which you want to get the code. It could be text, email, or phone call. 

  • Once you get the verification code, you can need to enter the code in the provided field. And you can log in or reset the Spectrum Account password.

This is how you will be able to use to retrieve your username and password without much of a stretch. Moreover, if you still find trouble in doing so, you can contact Spectrum customer service to get instant help. 

How can I see who is connected to my WiFi spectrum?​

Do you know that the WiFi device management portal of the Spectrum community allows viewing all connected accounts? Moreover, you can also manage all the user account after registering to the Spectrum WiFi community device management page. Therefore, if you want to learn the procedure to manage devices on the Spectrum community portal and view who is connected to your WiFi? Then go through the data discussed below providing correct details for it.

How to sign-in to the Spectrum community?

You have to follow the enlisted steps for registering to the Spectrum community portal:

  • Go to the Spectrum community WiFi device management portal
  • Next, click the sign-in button then enter the user name and password from your resident letter
  • Then open the location option from the drop-down menu and choose your property name
  • At last, hit the sign-in button to access the device management page

How to view who is connected to your Spectrum WiFi?

Now if you want to view who is connected to your Spectrum WiFi, then follow the instructions:

  • Log in to your Spectrum community portal and view the registered devices with your account
  • Then press add device button and enter the MAC address of the new device
  • Next, hit the remove button for deleting a device
  • Hereafter, select edit option to update new information for a device

Moreover, the Spectrum customer service team is always available to help you whenever you might face some different kinds of error while using its WiFi network services. Apart from that, you can also connect to the customer service department in case you are dealing with the troubles like Spectrum community WiFi not working. Spectrum WiFi representatives are very well qualified to handle the different types of service-related issues people might be suffering from.

How do I access my spectrum router settings?

There can be any reason why the users want to log in to your router. Sometimes we want to re-check its settings to make sure everything is fine. If you also want to do that, here’s how you can do this.

How to access the settings?

  • The first step is to ensure that you are connected to your network. You can connect to your wireless network by using Wi-Fi or your wired network using Ethernet cable.
  • In the next step, you need to open the browser and visit You can type or paste the URL and then hit the enter button. You can try if the previous one is not working.
  • After that, you will need to enter the default login page where you can use your default spectrum username and password below so that you can log into your router. You need to enter admin in username and password in the “Password” field.
  • If you still can’t log in, then someone has already changed the default username and password.

This is how you can access your spectrum router settings. You can contact the customer support team of the spectrum router to get their assistance. If someone has changed the password of your router, then you can ask them about the change spectrum Wi-Fi password, and they will tell you the process of that.

Find Some More Questions Related to Change Spectrum WiFi Password

  • How do I change the spectrum wireless password?

Ans -  Spectrum is quite famous for providing swift internet services via Wi-Fi, routers, and modems devices. It enables its users to convert their domestic modem, router device, or cable connection into a public Wi-Fi hotspot. But there are sometimes when Spectrum users face issues with their issues with changing the password of their Wi-Fi connection or modem devices. However, changing the password on Spectrum is quite easy. Here’s how.

Change The Wi-Fi Network Password On Spectrum: Steps

  • Log in to your Spectrum account via using your web browser and then scroll to the Services section
  • Here select the Internet option and if you want to see further information about your network gateway or router then click on the blue-colored down arrow which is in blue
  • Now, you will be to see the network’s name (SSID) and password of your Spectrum account
  • Hit the Update button to change the password and then follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password
  • Once you have created a new account for your Spectrum account then hit the “Save Changes” button for saving updates

If you are unable to change the password of your Spectrum Wi-Fi with the help of the aforementioned steps then feel free to get in touch with the experts. They will surely help you with the proper guidance and reliable information on how to change your Spectrum wifi password.

  • How to change the name of my Spectrum wireless network?

Ans - Spectrum WiFi users may require to change the name or password sometimes due to security reasons. Moreover, such a facility is available to the Spectrum wireless network users on the website and app both. Therefore, if you are willing to understand the correct procedure to change the name on your Spectrum Wireless network, kindly follow the instructions given below.

Steps to change the name via Spectrum app:

  • Open the Spectrum app on your device and login into your account
  • Then open the services tab to view your network name and password
  • Next tap on the update, then enter a new name for your WiFi network
  • At last hit the save button to store this new Spectrum WiFi name for your account

Steps to change the name on Spectrum website:

  • Visit the Spectrum website and login into your account by providing the user name and password
  • Next, go to the services option and choose an internet
  • Then hit on the blue down arrow for visiting the gateway to view  more details
  • Hence, you will see your WiFi name and password
  • At last, change your WiFi name by selecting the edit tab and then save it

Similarly, you can also change the spectrum WiFi password whenever you feel its necessary. Apart from that, if you have any further queries in mind regarding the wireless network services offered by Spectrum, you have permission to contact its customer service center for assistance.

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