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How to change wifi password Verizon Router?

A Brief Guide On How To Change Password Of A Verizon Router

There is no doubt that users often change their router’s password in order to make their internet connection sharable to other users on a limited basis. However, changing the password of a router is also beneficial in other ways. This can make your WiFi connection more secure and you can enjoy your internet speed by limiting its user traffic. Nowadays, every router device comes with a default password but changing it as per the personal preference is more important for every user as it reduces the chances of predictability.

When it comes to the Verizon routers, the America-based telecommunication brand is quite famous among the hundreds of millions of subscribers all around the world. If you own a Verizon router then you’ll have multiple options to change its password. Hence, if you have been looking for such ways then read this article on how to change WiFi password Verizon till further.

Different Ways To Change The Password Of Verizon Router

The following ways will help you out to change the password of your respective Verizon router.

  • Via Using Web Browser
    • Open your web browser and make sure that you have an active internet connection
    • Enter the IP address (that you can find on the back of the router) in the address bar
    • Now enter the login credentials in the login page and then get access into your Verizon account
    • In your Verizon account, navigate to the Wireless Settings and then select the Security option
    • Select the Change Password option, enter a new password twice, and save the changes
  • Via Using My FiOS Application
    • Get access to your My FiOS app and then select the Internet option
    • Navigate to the My Network section and then pick your wireless connection
    • Select the Edit option and then create a new password of your router
    • Finally, save the changes and restart your Verizon router
  • Via Using My Verizon App
    • Open up your My Verizon application and then select the Internet section
    • Next, pick your wireless network from the My Networks section
    • Select the Manage option and then enter a new password twice
    • Save the changes that you have made and then restart your Verizon router

Hence, these were some of the quick ways through which you can change the password of your respective Verizon router. However, if you have forgotten the Verizon router password then you can contact technical support to get any further assistance from the experts.

How to contact Verizon Router Support Team?

Verizon features all the latest gadgets and the technologies on his website to give the users the best shopping experience. They provide a diverse range of services right from the Smartphone and other services. Feeling annoyed after checked all the ways to reach?? No need to worry because the answer is here how to contact Verizon support team.

Let’s check out the way to contact the version support team

  • If the individual is asking to connect with the support team, call them directly on their phone number and the automated system begins talking and taps 0.
  • In the next second, you will be asked for a reason over the call.
  • After following the above steps, you redirect to the technical support team.
  • In the next few seconds, they will ask you for a four-digit PID number and press #.
  • Now finally, you connect yourself to the live person.

How can I find my Verizon router password?

Verizon user they have lost your wifi password of Verizon Router need to check your hardware router device since Verizon give a default password on every device. The default password is printed on the back of the router (lower-left corner of the label).

Instead of following if you are unable to get in touch with the live person you may call them immediately to resolve the query or any other query related to the version support on the  Contact Number For Verizon Router to fix the problem of connecting live.

How do I change my Verizon router settings? 

Verizon router customers need to follow some simple steps to change Verizon router settings: 

  1. Log in to your FiOS router to change settings.
  2. Choose Wireless Settings (wired free).
  3. Select Basic Security Settings.
  4. Change the SSID to reflect your new desired Wi-Fi network name.
  5. Click on Save Button.
  6. And Save the changes. 

What is the Verizon Router default password?


How do I find my Verizon router password?

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