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How to create a playlist in iTunes?

How to Create a Playlist in iTunes?

Some Simple and Easy Way to Create a Playlist in iTunes

iTunes allows easy access to the Apple music at all cost and the user needs to create a playlist to burn a CD in iTunes. The iTunes has many features and one of its feature is to enable easy listening of the music anytime from an Apple device from the create playlist. So, there is no need to browse the entire iTunes library looking for the playlist or song items. A basic customized playlist is important to keep all your favorite music and tracks at one place which makes the access easy.

Firstly, the iTunes user need to learn about the basic creation of playlist in iTunes. Here are the steps –

  • Open iTunes to make a playlist.

  • Now either click on the ‘Playlist’ button at the top of the window or click on the ‘File’ menu in iTunes 12. Next click on ‘New’ and then select ‘Playlist’.

  • Skip to the next page if the playlist is created through the ‘File’ menu. Now if the user have clicked the ‘Playlist’ button, then click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom left.

  • Finally click on the button ‘New Playlist’.

Here are the steps to name and add song to the playlist –

  • Firstly, name the new playlist. Now begin typing a name for the playlist and press ‘Enter’. The user always have the option to change the playlist name. With a single click on the playlist window, you can change the playlist name.

  • Start adding songs to the playlist clicking on the ‘Add’ button. During this time the music library will appear on the left of the playlist window.

Here are the steps to order the songs in the iTunes Playlist –

  • Simply drag and drop the songs into whatever order you want by arranging the songs manually.

  • Sort the playlist name automatically using the criteria like name, time, artist, ratings, and plays. Click the ‘Sort by’ a menu and select the choice from the drop-down.

  • Click on ‘Done’ once the sorting is finished to save the in its new arrangements.

Create playlist in iTunes with help from support experts over the helpline number. Support professionals will guide you with all the troubleshooting steps to create playlist in iTunes.

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