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How to Create Apple Id Without Credit Card/Debit Card

Easiest Way To Create Apple Id Without Credit Card/Online Payment on iPhone or iPad

In order to create an Apple ID in their iPhone or in their iPad, credit card is generally needed. Majority individuals use their credit cards to create the Apple ID. Till date, there are many people who are not aware of the fact that the Apple ID can also be created without the user of the credit card. This tutorial is very important for those individuals who own an Apple product like iPhone or iPad but fails to own credit card.

The individuals need to learn the process of how they can create or use their iTune Store with their Apple Id but without using their credit card or any other payment mode. Initially the individual is asked to enter the payment mode while signing into their Apple ID for the very first time in order to access to the different Apple applications that include iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks and many more. Without entering the payment mode, the individual will not be allowed to purchase items from the store. But the individual can follow the following steps to avoid their association with the payment method with the account. The user needs to remember that the steps are similar for the iPhone and the iPad users.

Steps on Create Apple Id Without Credit Card on iPhone/iPad

  • The user first need to Open the App Store app then either iTunes Store app, or iBooks app

  • Then select any free app either it could be song, video or book

  • Then select iOS Get button next to the item and then tap again to get it

  • Then when the device ask to sign in with an Apple ID he or she needs to create New Apple ID

  • And follow the onscreen instructions

  • When asked for payment information he or she needs to select None

  • After entering the information, the user needs to verify the Apple ID by email. However, verifying Apple ID is very essential prior using it

The user can also note that, if he or she already owns an Apple ID then can select to remove the payment method for the existing Apple ID and the same is possible only after signing into either the iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store and the individual will not be asked for the payment method again until he or she decides to purchase anything from the iTune.

Apple always recommends their users to own or create only one Apple ID to access all the Apple applications – iTunes, iCloud and or any other Apple services. The user is also recommended to be the owner of the same Apple ID while accessing multiple Apple devices. For instance, if any individual owns iPhone and iPad, then the person should have one Apple ID to access his or her both the device to avois confusions and complexities.

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