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How to Download TV Shows Using iTunes?

How to Download TV Shows Using iTunes?


There are many shows present that we would love to watch. Now, the things comes is that the shows can be seen and bought easily on Android devices but when it comes to iOS, the things become a bit tricky. You can download TV shows using iTunes in iOS devices. You can purchase the favorite TV show that you love, either a single episode or complete Season. There are four ways for getting TV shows from iTunes Store and they are:

  • Single episode: TV episodes can be purchased individually and can be streamed immediately after completion of the purchase. You can watch the episode at any time of the day with ease.

  • Buy Season: All the episodes of a completed season can be purchased and can be streamed then. With this, you can watch the complete season at any time. You can prefer watching the complete season in a day or like regular timings but according to your schedule and what’s better than that!

  • Season Pass: With this, all the episodes of a season, whether current or future, can be purchased. Whenever there is a new episode available, you will be getting an email that will tell you that it can be downloaded. This is one of the best things because nobody likes waiting for the next episode of their favorite show season and whenever it will be available, you will get notified to download it and that’s what everyone will prefer, right?

  • Multi-Pass: With this, a set number of episodes that have not been aired in traditional seasons can be purchased. Plus, the latest episodes are immediately downloaded after completion of the purchase. There are some episodes that are not aired and what fun is it to watch those episodes, we all know!

If you plan to buy the complete season, that will be less costly than buying every single episode every time it airs. But if you buy Season Pass, there are some discounts that you can get on buying. You can choose any of the four ways for downloading TV shows from iTunes. It is best to purchase TV shows instead of watching them on TV because we do not have time for doing so. Work is arranged sometimes and sometimes our schedule is tight enough to take time out for watching favorite TV show on TV. At this time, downloading TV shows from iTunes comes to rescue. This is the reason people look for purchasing TV shows from iTunes to their iOS devices like iPhone or Mac which gives them time to watch and never miss their favorite TV shows even though the schedule is tight.

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