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How To Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications In Google Chrome & Other Browser?

Enable Gmail desktop notifications in Google Chrome and Other Browsers with these steps !!

Users who have email accounts can enable their desktop notification and can get all their email alerts without signing in. By enabling the notification alert the users can get to see all their emails on their desktops so that they are updated with their emails.

If the users are using Google Chrome web browser for their internet works then they should follow the below given steps to get the email notifications of their Gmail accounts.

Mentioned below are the steps to Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications In Google Chrome :

  • First of all the users need to open the Google Chrome web browser on their systems.

  • After that they are required to sign in to their Gmail account with the correctly entered username and the password.

  • Then the users are required to select on the cog like icon that is mentioned on the right side of the particular page.

  • That icon is the settings and the users need to select on it.

  • Now, after the users have selected settings menu they need to go to the general tab and from there should proceed further to the next step.

  • In the general tab menu then users need to elect on desktop notifications.

  • From there select on the option named enable desktop notifications.

  • Now, from there the users need to follow any of the either options :

  • - users can see alerts for all the emails that comes to their email account.

  • - users can select for seeing only those email alerts for which they have marked it as important.

  • - users can also disable the alert.

  • Once the option is selected the users need to select on the save changes option.

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