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How do I find my Roku IP address without a remote!

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Roku is a  portable streaming box which is easy to carry and easy to fit into your Palm as a streaming media player which displays content on your TV via the Internet.With Roku device, you may download new content on your TV. The data will be taken through audio and HDMI cable. Each Roku version has access to 3000 channels which is used for producing  an entirely new fleet of streaming device.It has a lot to offer as it offers lots of graphics, high quality media, Netflix subscription and the availability of hundred of games.

Roku provides a facility to find its address without accessing remote so there is no need to use any remote. If you are not aware how to find roku ip address without remote, then you must take assistance from roku tech support. They will provide you best guidance to solve this issue.We are describing some steps to find roku address without accessing remote, you need a look on the given below steps. These steps will help you to rectify your issue.

Follow the steps to get your Roku ip address without remote:

  • At first,you need to open your browser which you are using such as Google chrome,Mozilla firefox and so on.

  • Now you need to type “Roku” in the search bar.

  • Here you will so many link ,you need to go through the first link.

  • You need to click on the + sign ,when you click on it then Roku will start downloading.

  • After completion of downloading process, you will see the icon of R on your desktop.

  • Now go to the settings option and select the Roku device.

  • You will see two option here first is “you want to find IP address automatically “ or second is”you will have to enter IP address manually.”

  • You need to wait for sometime as it will take some time for completing the process.

  • Now go to settings option,and select about.

  • In the about section ,you will see roku account ,select it and click on the IP address.

  • After this process,you can find roku address without having remote.

To know more about Roku device, you need to go through the official websites of Roku, where you can find so any information about it. If you need any help then you need to contact Roku experts. You will get major help from Roku team. They will be more happy to help you. They are available throughout the year.

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