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There are above millions of users in the world who use Outlook. However, majority of the Outlook users face the issue while logging in to their Outlook account. Recent surveys have shown that about 95.6% of the Outlook users have faced this issue in the last 10 years. But there is no need to worry since very simple steps are available for fixing this issue.

So, here are those troubleshooting steps which you were looking for.

  1. The first step which every user must take is to check the exact status of the server in which his Outlook account is located in by going to on his browser.

  2. The next step which the user have to follow is to reset his Outlook password by going to

  3. Users can also try to sign in to their Outlook account by switching to another browser or at times, by switching to another PC.

  4. Another alternative for the users facing this problem is to verify his account using 2-step verification on their mobile phones.

  5. Users should try to update the browser in which they are trying to log in to their Outlook account.

So, if you are still unable to log in to your Outlook account, then it is the time to contact the Outlook Experts right now.

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