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How To Rate My Music on iTunes?

Rate Your Music on iTunes with the use of these provided ways !!

The music that are available on itunes and that the user upload, can also be rated by the user if they want to do so. There are certain ways to rate the music. User can rate a single song, or can also rate an entire video. The rating of the music available on itunes can be done with some of the steps that are mentioned below.

So, mentioned below are the steps to rate Your Music on iTunes :

  • Firstly the user can rate a song when it is playing by giving a click on the ‘more’ options that is mentioned in the itunes LCD. once this is done user will get a popup menu and from there they can choose the rating.

  • User can also rate the music by visiting the composer, artists and genres option in the itunes. There the user need to search the album that they want to rate. In that option user will see a three dot option that the user need to click so as to rate the music.

  • If the user want to rate the whole album then they need to select on the dots that is given below under the album.

  • If the user want to rate more than one song then they need to give a right click on that songs and then should select on the stars mentioned in the sub menu.

Therefore, the above mentioned steps will enable the user to rate their music on itunes. Rating the music on itunes make the music more famous among the user and its rating also increasing making it more and more demanding.

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