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How to Recover Forgotten Google Play Account Password?

Can you imagine a store which has more than 100 billion app downloads? Google Play, the official app store for the Android operating system, is a digital media store and distribution service. Developed by Google, it is also instrumental in offering magazines, books, music, movies, and television programs. Most of the applications provided by Google Play can be downloaded free. Introduced in 2012, the store had combined the Google Music, Google eBookstore, and Android Market under the same roof

Easy Way To Reset and Recover Google Play Store Account Password

Google play is a platform which provides various application for android operating system devices like music, book, games and other service application. It was launched in March 6, 2012. Google play is also the official app store for android OS devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Google play is the platform which provides app from various developers to satisfy the needs of users. For using google play, one needs to have a google account or Gmail account. If you don’t have one then it will ask you to create a new one. As google account serves as a key for logging in to various google products like Gmail, google play etc. so in case you require google play password recovery process you will be directed to recover your google account. So just in case you could not sign in to google play, it’s probably because you couldn’t not access you google account. In order to proceed forward for google play password recovery or Google play password reset, follow the guidelines as mentioned below. Google play password recovery or Google play password reset is a very easy, user-friendly and it will not consume much of your time.

Follow the Google Play Store Password Reset & Recovery Steps:

  • Open your android device and try to login using your credentials.

  • If it is giving you a message that your username and password do not match, try again then you need to go through browser sign in.

  • For browser sign in step back to login screen and under settings or menu option, select browser sign in. You can identify it with an icon resembling three dots on right hand top corner.

  • You will be directed to google sign in page, here you have to select cant access your account given at the bottom

  • Now you will see a heading having trouble signing in?  and select the option I don’t know my password.

  • Now it will ask you the email address of the lost password, so provide it accordingly.

  • It will ask you to enter the last password you remember and continue. I you know don’t remember then select I don’t know.

  • Google will send you the verification code via text message (sms) or an automated call. You need to select any one of the method to retrieve verification code. You need to enter the same verification code after which you will be landed to a page asking you to set new password and confirm the same. Finally you have reset your password.

  • This method of resetting the password will only work if you have your present mobile number is saved into your google account otherwise you won’t be able to receive your verification code. In that case you need to select confirm access by recovery mail

  • You can also select confirm access by recovery mail. A link will be sent to your recovery mail. You need to sign in to your recovery mail, find the mail from google support and click it. You will be directed to google page asking you to set new password and confirm the same. Finally you have reset your password.

  • Now again open your android device and try to login into google play with your updated credentials.

  • It will take some time to finally set up your google play account.

If you are still facing the problem, you need to visit . This is a troubleshooting link for sign in issues. You need to select the issue that closely resembles to the issue that you are facing. Following the instructions will help you recover your google play password.

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Rasu Shrestha

It has been so tough job for me to reset and recover the google play store account password, I have been doing this for so long a period of time but whenever I do I fail. so after a long search, I finally found the correct article to reset and recover the google play store account. All thanks to this article which have helped me to change my google play store password

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