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How to Reset iCloud Password | Apple id password reset

How to Reset iCloud Password?

What is the Procedure of iCloud Account Password Recovery & Reset?

Lots of people saying the iCloud account is your apple id account, iCloud is an email id which one you used to access your account. If anyone wants to reset the iCloud account then your apple id will be reset.

If you want to use the iCloud account then you can easily access the iCloud account by entering iCloud username or password. iCloud password must be with you when you forgot your phone and want to get back to your iPhone, iCloud account help you to find your iPhone. an iCloud account used by users of iPhone, Mac, MacBook Pro, iPod touch. In case any iCloud user forgot their login password and unable to log in to the iCloud account. Also, your password protects your ability to locate or remotely erase your device using Find My iPhone.

iCloud account and password must be used to download music, games, tv series, movies and other entertainment things from iTunes and Apple App Store. So if you don’t have your iCloud account then you are unable to use iTunes/App Store password. iCloud users need to update your iCloud password and keep your account safe.

In case any iCloud or Apple id users Forgot their account password then they recover iCloud account by following mentioned ways:

  • You can reset your iCloud account password on iPhone/iPad/Mac

  • You can recover account by “Email authentication”

  • Recover iCloud account by Answering some secret questions

  • You can also use a two-step authentications method to reset your iCloud account

How to Reset iCloud Password on iPhone or iPad

When any iCloud user doesn’t have an account password then the iCloud user can easily reset or change the account password on the iPhone or iPad. Here are the steps, follow and get solved your iCloud password reset problem.

  • Step 1 Turn on iPhone/iPad

  • Step 2 Open Setting field

  • Step 3 If you are logged in with your iCloud account then click on “Apple id”

  • Step 4 Now you need to click on “Password & Security” Option

  • Step 5 Click on the Change Password

  • Step 6 Finally, your iCloud account has been changed but if anyone doesn't open their iCloud account on iPhone then Click on the “Setting” button

  • Step 7 Click on the iCloud forgot password

  • Step 8 Now you can easily reset your Apple id password

Note: If anyone wants to reset their account on Mac or Pc then iCloud account then users need to visit Apple id password reset page.

How to Recover iCloud Account, When Forgot iCloud Password or Security Questions?

If anyone from iCloud users forgot their account password and answers to their secret questions then don’t need to worry because the iCloud account can easily recover by following some simple steps, which is mentioned at this page or official iCloud account recovery page. iCloud users easily recover account by email verification method. So keep your mind calm and follow the given below mentioned steps:

iCloud account recovery page provides you some simple steps to reset the iCloud password with different methods. Recover iCloud account with email id is one of the easy ways to recover forgot password. In this method, users can get a verification email with a password reset link, where users can easily recover iCloud account or Apple ID.

  • Step 1: Open iCloud account recovery page on your pc/mac (Visit

  • Step 2: Click on the Forgot Apple Id password

  • Step 3: Now, you need to enter your email address and fill the CAPTCHA, click enter

  • Step 4: Now you can see two option (email address or security questions)

  • Step 5: 1st Method Recover to iCloud account by email address, Enter your email address to get verification url>Click on the link>Change password>Now account is ready to use

  • Step 6: 2nd Method to Recover iCloud account password by answering your security questions>once your answers will correct>you will be able to change your iCloud account password

In case anyone can’t able to recover the iCloud password by using the above-mentioned steps then users should visit the password recovery support page.

How to Recover iCloud Account Password Without  Email Address and Answers of Security Questions?

If iCloud users forgot login password and don't have access to the email address and also don’t know the answers of security questions then iCloud users can easily recover iCloud account by following some simple steps.

  1. Go to the Apple ID account page ( > Forgot Apple ID or password.
  2. Click on the “Forgot My Account Password”
  3. Choose “Other Option” to recover an iCloud account
  4. Enter your Date of Birth, Press “Enter” button
  5. Once your DOB verify by Apple then you Apple ask you to enter any working email id to verify your identity
  6. Enter your email id
  7. Open your email address and check the latest mail from Apple password reset team, Click on the link
  8. Now, you need to click on that mail or “Confirm”
  9. Now, iCloud users have to wait for 2 or 3 days to get a password reset link
  10. Once you got that code>Follow Link>Change account password>setup new password>re-enter a new password for iCloud account
  11. Yess!! Now you are able to use your iCloud account
  12. Enter the date of your birth and click Continue > Answer the security question.
  13.  After you have finished all the questions, you can enter a new password to change the iCloud password.

What If I Forgot My iCloud Login Id or Password then What Should I do?

If an iCloud user forgot their login id or password then the user can easily recover account by following iCloud password recovery steps:

“Open your device(iPhone or iPad)>Click on the Setting button>Tap on the Apple ID>Now Click on the Forgot Apple Id or Password>Enter your email id>Fill the Captcha>Press Submit button>open your mail>find verification link>click on the link>change your iCloud login id password”

Note: This Article on iCloud Password Recovery is Only Meant to Provide Information.

If iCloud users find any problem during the iCloud password reset process then kindly leave comments below.

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