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How to Reset Internet Password - Internet Password Recovery Process

How to Reset Internet Password & Internet Password Recovery Process

For changing the password of the internet, the user needs to follow the steps stated below. The users should read this article in proper way for getting their issues resolved.

  • The user needs to open the configuration page of the router. The user may  open the configuration page of the router by connecting to the computer of the user.

  • Then the user may put the specific addresses in the address bar.  After putting these addresses in the address bar, the user is not able  to open the web browser then the users may open the command prompt. Thus can be done by pressing the window key + R.

  • After doing this the user needs to enter cmd.

  • Thereafter the user need to type in config and then the user needs to press the option of enter.

  • The users may then look for the address of the router.

  • Then the users may press and then hold the reset button which is present on the router.

  • The user may then enter the username and the password. The user may observe that the username is “ admin” and the password is “ admin” or “ password”. The username and the password changes for different model. So the users should search for the model first on the internet.

  • Once the user has logged in to the router, then the users may then open the wireless section of the configuration page.

  • Then the users may change the password.

  • The users may check out the security type. There are three main types of wireless encryption. They are WEP, WPA and WPA2. In order to have a secured network, the user should use WPA2.

  • The users may change the name so that the password does not get hacked easily. The name of the password should not contain anything that is personal.

  • Once the user has entered the password, then the users may apply these changes and then save the settings.

  • The changes made while resetting the password of the internet, the users may click the apply or the save button.

  • This button is present at the top of the router.

  • The router might take some time to process the change. During the changes get  processed, all the devices connected to the router will get disconnected.

  • Once all the settings made are changed, then the users may connect to  the wireless network using the new password.

Listed above are some of the steps that the user needs to follow in order to reset the password of the internet.

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