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How to Send an Email Message to Multiple Contacts in Gmail?

How to Send an Email Message to Multiple Contacts in Gmail?

Gmail is the most widely used email service around the world. Gmail email service is developed, maintained and marketed by Google Inc. The popularity of Gmail has grown exponentially since the time Android market has grown substantially. Gmail is an easy and simple email service which can be used to send email to anyone who has an email id regardless of the email service they use. For instance, you can send email to a person with a Hotmail account i.e. Not only this, Gmail allows its users to send email to multiple people at one time.

The procedure to send an email to multiple people is explained below:

  • Step 1) Log on to your Gmail account with your Gmail id and password by visiting
  • Step 2) Click on compose to start writing a new email. You can add pictures or attachments as well. Also you need not worry if your connection gets lost, Gmail automatically saves your emails in form of drafts
  • Step 3) In the To section given in the top, type a contact email id to whom you want to send the email. Type the name as or where the part before @ symbol is the email id of the person to whom you want to send the email and the part after @ is the email service provider of the person. Make sure you enter the email id correctly. The .com at the end is compulsory.
  • Step 4) Now here you have two options to add multiple contacts. One is CC which stands for Carbon Copy. This means you want to send the same message to other people as well. If you want to do so, type the email ids of all the people in the section below To which is called CC. The email ids need to be separated by a comma (,). The other option is BCC which stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Choose this option if you want to send the email to multiple person without them knowing who else got the email.

Now click on Send and your email will be sent to multiple people as per your wish.

In case you need any technical assistance, you can directly Gmail team to resolve your queries. Gmail tech support phone number can also be contacted to explain your problem and get solution.

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