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Setup Gmail delegations with following few steps

Gmail is a free website which allows you to send and receive emails. It could be a corporate or home affair that is it could be formal as well as informal. It provides you with an option of instant exchange in mails. It also lets you set up delegate mail in Gmail itself. Sometimes it might be useful or also necessary for you to allow a person to access your inbox. With Gmail you can delegate access your account inbox up to 25 users.

The Delegate will be able to access your Gmail inbox without the password, they can read and reply to any of your mails but they are restricted only till here as they are not allowed to chat or modify your settings.

Here is a procedure on how you can set Gmail delegation:

  • Click on the cog icon in the top right corner of the inbox and then go to the settings

  • Select the accounts tab and now scroll down to the grant access to the account search.

  • Now click on add another account and ad the Google email address of the person who would like to access your account

  • You will be able to see a confirmation message. Click on send mail to grant the access

  • Now you have appointed a delegate to your account and that email user would need to confirm and verify the same for the access.

  • Once confirmed the delegate address would automatically appear under the Grant access to your account.

You have now successfully assigned a delegate and they can now access your account by clicking on their email address in the top right navigation bar. The two accounts will appear under the profile. By clicking on the email address your inbox will open in another chrome window.

If the above mentioned steps did not help you in setting up delegation for Gmail then you can contact the Gmail team. Gmail provides you with this service where in by calling you are directly connected to the technicians and they provide simple solutions to your problem. You can contact them anytime they are available 24*7 throughout the year. This is one of the most efficient way to proceed with if you could not follow the above mentioned steps.

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