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How to Switch or Move or Copy to a New Gmail Account?

Gmail is a free of cost,  advertising-enabled email service made by Google. Users can access Gmail on the websites and also through with the help of mobile apps for Android, iOS, and others as well as from the third-party programs that sync all the email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Google is a popular online email service, which may not be charged for its users using Gmail accounts. But the company is still in the process of collecting payment in the form of amounts of personal information about the people who are using it.

Move/ Copy/Switch the Mail from One Gmail Account to Another with the help of using only Gmail account

First of all, assure all email programs you wish to configure for downloading the mail from the old Gmail account (by using POP) are set not to check emails automatically. After this, the user can move (or copy or switch even) all received and sent emails from one Gmail account to another just by using the new Gmail account.

Steps to Move or Copy or Switch even to a New Mail account from the other:

1.     First of all, you need to log in to that account from which you want to import mail you wish to transfer the mails.

2.     Now choose the Settings in the Gmail account's toolbar.

3.     Tap on the Settings options from the menu that appears in front of you.

4.     Next is going to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and click this option.

5.     After this choose Enable POP for all mail (for all the downloaded emails also) under POP Download.

6.     Now select from the archive Gmail's copy under the messages are accessed with POP to have your old account's inbox cleared; select delete Gmail's copy instead to move mail instead of copying it.

7.     Click Save Changes.

8.     Click your picture (or the icon) in Gmail top right corner.

9.     Select Sign out from the menu that appears.

Why contact the Gmail Experts:

While performing the above steps the user might face the issue in doing so or any other issue may occur which they are not able to resolve at their end and they will be in need of the Gmail experts so that the user can easily get the solutions for all the queries and at instant speed as well as the experts are well qualified and experienced.

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