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How to use the feature of iTunes Universities or iTunes U?

How to use the feature of iTunes Universities?

iTunes U or Universities is a medium of free study through the Apple iTunes application. Here, complete information and knowledge is provided to students looking for different courses. The courses are provided by various colleges and universities which becomes a convenient way to study any topic. There is a new section of iTunes U that is focusing on the K-12 education, where different state authorities or education department provide content to the students or educators. There are nearly about 800 colleges and universities across the globe providing content to the iTunes U for post-secondary learning.

It is quite similar to podcasts and the user have the option to view or listen to the content directly. One can download all the content or view the individual items whenever they want. User have the option to browser the featured topics, browser by category, search the featured collections and perform search from the Search Store box in the iTunes box. After the completion of search option, simply click on the iTunes U link to search for the movies, music, books and so on. By clicking on the on the ‘Subscribe’ button on a course page, user can view or listen to audio lectures.

Here are some of the steps to use the feature of iTunes Universities –

  1. Users can manage and get the iTunes new content by selecting a course in My iTunes U and then clicking on the ‘Settings’ button.

  2. For specific courses choose settings and if you are looking to click ‘Defaults’ then choose more general settings.

  3. Controlling the sync option users can sync up the library in the iTunes Media Picker with iTunes U app.

There are also various ways to explicitly use the iTunes Universities feature. Dial the contact number to know in details about its effective usage and function.

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