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How to View Album Artwork in iTunes?

Get details for the process to View Album Artwork in iTunes !!

User's who are utilizing itunes on their Apple devices can also add and view their album artwork in their itunes store itself. An album artwork in itunes is basically an album cover or we can call it as a CD booklet that makes itunes look more interesting to the users. Album artwork is mentioned in the itunes when the user buys anything be it any music, or albums from the itunes store.

On the other hand, if the user is willing to view the album artwork on their itunes store then they are required to follow these steps for it. These steps will enable the user to see the album artwork and further the user can make use of it.

So, mentioned below is the method to View Album Artwork in iTunes :

  • If the user is using the new version of itunes then they should go to the file option.

  • From there the user need to select on library menu and should further select on the album artwork option to view it.

  • Besides, if the user is using the old version of itunes then they need to go to the advanced tab in their itunes store.

  • From there the user is supposed to select on get album artwork so as to view it.

Therefore, the above mentioned steps will make the user to view their album artwork in their itunes store. These steps are simple and will totally help the user, but the user should make sure that these steps are followed in the correct way so that the album artwork is viewed in the proper way.

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