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Is Macbook keeps restarting? Try this effective method

Is Macbook keeps restarting? Try this effective method

Apple Inc introduced an advanced gadget, i.e. Macbook. It enables the users to access the digital world in an emphatic manner. The features are highly advanced and best in the world. Despite having so much extraordinary features, Macbook keeps restarting and the reason behind the same is “kernel panic”. The kernel is an OS used in the MacBook and it enables the same to run smoothly.

Kernel Panics issue arises when software is not updated and as a result, Macbook keeps restarting. To fix such issue, users must update all the software which they are accessing. Apart from that, some other useful measures are listed below which will help you to resolve this issue.

How to fix Macbook restarting issue?

Reinstall Operating System on Mac

  • Turn off the Mac.

  • Press the Control key and R key together and then press the Power button, release the keys when Apple logo appears on the screen.

  • Thereafter, 'macOS Utilities' window will appear, select reinstall macOS and click on ‘Continue’ button.

  • The process will take sometimes and when it is finished, go to the App Store and select an Update option.

  • Now, install all the updates which are required for the Macbook.

Is software creating an issue?

If the problem is from the software end, then wipe out the drive and install the fresh apps and for the same use macOS recovery tool and select Disk Utility. Now, select the internal drive and wipe out the same. After finishing the process, install OS X to your Macbook and further install the applications from App Store.

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