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Is Your Cisco Router Not Working or Not Responding?

Is Your Cisco Router Not Working or Not Responding?

Before troubleshooting the cisco router not working issue, you need to understand at which stage the problem is arising. There could be two stages of problem as stated below:

  • Problems During First Start Up.

  • Problems After Router Is Running.

  • Problems During First Start Up:

  1. No power to Router:

You can detect the power supply problem by looking at LEDs , if all LEDs including OK LEDs are off, then, take following steps:

  • Make sure that the power switch is ON.

  • See if all connections to and from the power supply are secure.

  • Confirm that the power outlet has power.

  • If the problem persists, power supply could be faulty.

2. Improperly Connected Cable/Damaged Cable:

If this problem arises in the router,the Internet LED remains off, you can troubleshoot this problem by :

  • Connectors at both ends of the cable must be properly and tightly connected.

  • See if cable is not physically damaged, if it is, then, order another cable from Cisco.

  • If Computer LEDs 1 through 4 are off, then, you need to see again if it is a tight connection at both ends of the cable.

3. Cannot Connect to the Internet:

You need to reconnect the broadband modem or external ethernet switch and make sure that it is receiving power.

You need to also check whether the problem arises from Internet Service Provider or corporate network administrator.

  • Problems After Router Is Running :

  • Problems With Ethernet Connection:

For the problems when computer LEDs 1 through 4 are off or “The Internet 1 LED on the front panel is OFF:

  1. Make sure that the connectors at both ends of the cable are secure.

  2. Make sure that cable is not physically damaged. If it is, change it as soon as possible.

Try above troubleshooting steps to solve the issue of Cisco router not working.

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