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Is Your Facebook Page Not Working or Not Responding?

Is Your Facebook Page Not Working or Not Responding?

Facebook is a social media platform where thousands of users connect to each other through their profile.

If you have your profile on facebook and your timeline is not loading properly, the activity log is not giving any responses, if you can’t log out of Facebook or if you can’t read any of your messages, then follow the troubleshooting steps given below to make your facebook work properly:

1. Check your network connection. There could be the possibility that the network issue persists from your side.

2. Check the validity of your network data, check if your data pack is within valid dates. You can check it by contacting your internet service provider.

3. This could be due to an outdated version of your internet browser, kindly update the latest version of your browser. Nowadays browser automatically detect your device’s browser version and give you the notification to install the updates.

4. Clear Cache and cookies of your internet browser:

If you use Chrome, try the following methods:

  • Open Chrome.

  • Click on More, present at the top right corner of the browser

  • Select More tools

  • Select Clear Browsing Data.

  • You will be directed to the page which shows the time range, click on the time range to select the range to clear. Click on the “Clear Data” button.

5. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. You need to connect to the network that does not load properly
  2. Now, open the command prompt by going  to Start -> run->cmd-> press enter)
  3. Type "ping" (without quotes) then press enter
  4. Note down the IP address that it tries to ping if any at all.
  5. Type in command prompt "ipconfig /all"  (again without quotes).
  6. Note the IP address(es) of the DNS servers
  7. You need to repeat the above process when connected to the network that works.
  8. Try the above troubleshooting methods and make your facebook page work again.

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