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Is Your Google Email Not Working or Responding?

Google email not working

You should know that the add-ons and extensions installed with your browser can also be the reason behind your problem. Hence, the deactivation of such applications, one by one, could be a great way to deal with the concerned issue. Here you can learn some widely followed methods of coping with Gmail if it is not working correctly.

Enable Gmail sync settings

If your Google account not working on your phone, you should check Gmail sync settings. You can do this by opening the [Gmail app] and selecting the [Menu] icon from the top-left corner. Then you are supposed to tap your account. In the end, you are supposed to check the [Sync Gmail] option.

Clear your Gmail information

Open [Settings]

Tap [Apps & notifications] and then [App] info

Click on [Gmail] now

It will enable you to select [Storage] which is the key to do the concerned

Press [Ok] and restart your device

Open Gmail in browser's incognito mode

Another authentic way to get the Gmail work if Google email not working is to open it in your browser's incognito mode, the private browsing mode. Updating your Gmail app, restarting your device, check your internet connection, and browser settings are the other ways to resolve the problem.

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