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Is Your Google Fi Not Working or Responding?

Google fi not working

Project Fi or google fi is a service offered by Google which is a mobile virtual network operator by Google. Google fi provides phone, messaging and data services using Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Using an automatic VPN, it automatically connects to Wi-Fi, hotspots with data encryption.

You can go through following troubleshoot options if your network is not working:

1.Check your network connection or coverage area:This is first and foremost option to

Troubleshoot your problem.

2. Try to open another website, if it opens and the website you were trying to open doesn’t, then, problem is with the website.Try to open a number of websites, if any of the websites does not open, go to the next step.

3.Check if your cellular data is turned on or laptop is having internet access.

4.Google fi connection might face problem if you’re calling and using data simultaneously.

5. Another unusual but effective method is turning airplane mode on and off. It resets some settings and fixes your connection.

6.If above-mentioned methods don’t work, then, check for Project Fi app updates:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.

  • Click on Menu then go to “My apps and games”.

  • If there is an update, select the Project Fi app and tap update.

  • Check if your system is not asking for updates, if it is asking, then,

  • Open the Settings app.

  • In Settings app, tap System, then, System update.

  • Under System update, you will see an option “Check for Update”, click on that,

          When you click on “Check for update”, tap Install. It might happen that you might need to restart your phone to complete the update.However, if your device is already up to date, your system shows notification “Your device is up to date.”

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