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Is Your Google laptop Not Working or Responding?

Google laptop not working

Are you facing technical problems in using your Chromebook? Stick with us if camera won’t work and you are getting a message as no camera found in your Google laptop. This post will also help you if battery won’t charge or Bluetooth won’t work after getting connected. Let’s explore the solutions below.

Camera isn’t working

  • Turn off your Chromebook

  • Turn it back on after 2 minutes

  • Here you can check the performance of the camera in Hangouts

  • Uninstall Hangouts if the camera is working with this app

  • Reinstall it then

  • Then you need to reset your Chromebook

Battery won’t charge

If your Google laptop won’t change even after you should first check that the power outlet is working and the adapter cables are plugged in. If still Google laptop not working, you should reset your Chromebook hardware once. Follow the below-mentioned steps if both the things won’t work in your laptop.

  • Unplug your charger

  • Plug your charger to your Chromebook and then the wall

  • Now you need to change the Chromebook

  • A minimum 30 minutes changing is preferable

Bluetooth won’t work

Make sure that your Bluetooth device is fully charged if it connect to Bluetooth but it won’t work. Bring your Chromebook closer to your Bluetooth device. Turn off Bluetooth and then turn it back on. The other thing you can do if Google laptop not working is to move your Bluetooth device far from other wireless devices.

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