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Is Your Google Phone Not Working or Responding?

Get simple advice when Google phone is not working fine? Learn over here:

Google assistance is brilliant when you are not able to use it and not able to manage its features. If you are the user of Android device then you would be aware of the fact on your mobile device and the Application. Sometimes Google phone does not work fine and the users have to encounter the problems.

This is pretty normal to face issue but also pretty easy to fix it too. So you need to worry as here on you can get complete advice to come over the issue in urgent. Google phone has an app that sometimes stops working and unable to perform the task, but resolving here with the certain steps when Google phone not working fine.

  • Open your Android device and go the phone settings.

  • Click now at the app service center where you have to click Google phone option.

  • Enter the correct Google ID and password if you have reset for this app.

  • Move to another option is OK Google app press the voice mike option to speak something.

  • If not responding then you have to switch off your phone and switch it on again.

  • You have to press the reset button to reset the phone too and then start on service for what you want.

If you are able to run applications on your device which means now you are successes of your tasks have done carefully

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