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Is Your MacBook charger Not Working or Responding?

Solve MacBook charger not working issues with the mentioned process !!

MacBook devices are one of the successful device of Apple that is being used by people from all around the world. It's features and the services are outstanding and it's demand is also increasing day by day among the user's.

On the other hand, there are times when the MacBook user's complaints that their device charger is not working and because of this they are unable to work on their device. Therefore, so as to solve macbook charger not working issues there are certain steps that the user needs to follow to solve this. This issue generally occurs because of the adapter issues that is very simple to solve. So, whenever the user face any such kind of issue they don’t need to worry, instead they can simply go through the given steps and can solve this by themselves.

Mentioned below are the troubleshooting steps for solving this particular issue:

  • First of all the user is supposed to shut down their MacBook devices.

  • Then they are required to remove the connection of the MagSafe power adapter from the MacBook device.

  • If both these are not connected then no need of the disconnections.

  • After this the user is supposed to remove the battery from the device.

  • Once done, the user need to select on the power button for few seconds.

  • After few seconds the user is required to leave the button and should then plug the battery back to its place.

  • The MagSafe adapter should also be connected back and lastly the user should restart their MacBook devices.

Furthermore, these are the steps for solving macbook charger not working issues that the user needs to follow. If in case the user come across any step that they are unable to understand, then they may simply contact the concerned representatives at any time of the day. 

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