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Is Your Microsoft Word Not Working or Responding?

Is Your Microsoft Word Not Working or Responding?

Microsoft Word is a product of Microsoft, the giant in software industry. If you have gadgets with Windows installed and with suite of MS Office, you must be having word and you may have prepared your document in MS Word, it is a handy tool which prepares soft copy of your document and saves your document in .doc,.docx format.

Suppose, you want to open the Word file and you are unable to open it, then you need to troubleshoot the problem:

Method 1: Insert your document into another file

If your document is damaged, you can retrieve the document text you need to remove final paragraph mark, you can do this by following steps:

  1. Click New on the File menu and then click Blank Document.

  2. Click Object in the Text group, which is present on the Insert tab, and then click Text from File.

  3. Choose the file that you want to open and insert, and then click Insert.

Method 2: Start Word by using the /a switch

A troubleshooting tool /a switch is used to determine where a problem may exist in the Word.

The /a switch does the task of preventing add-ins and global templates from being loaded automatically. If you use /a switch, it locks the settings files to prevent it from being read or modified. To troubleshoot the error, you need to start Word by using the /a switch:

  1. Use Search box(in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8) and type Run in the Search box (in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8) or in the Start Search box on the Start menu (in earlier versions of Windows), and then press Enter.

  2. Look for Run dialog box, in the Run dialog box, type winword /a, and then press Enter.

Use the above mentioned methods to troubleshoot the problem of Windows not opening

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