last update May 05, 2021
Is Your Pandora Not Working or Responding?

What To Do When Pandora Suddenly Stops To Work

Pandora has been defined as the music streaming service that helps you in selecting songs depending upon your preferences.As this service selects songs for the user,it is also referred as Pandora Internet Radio or Pandora Radio.It is smart but certain difficult threats might not be ignored.To get help at such times,you need to connect with help desk team.

Multiple issues are there which has been solved technical experts. Here, you can see resolution to one:

Why Pandora music not working?

  • It is required for you to update your browser
  • You need to clear browsing data
  • There is need to bypass the Pop-up Blocker for Pandora:
  • User should first go in “Settings” of the browser by selecting the icon with three vertical dots.
  • Choose “Advanced”, that is situated at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the section of  “Privacy and security”, tap the option of “Content settings” button.
  • By using the Popups, select “Manage Exceptions.”
  • There is now need to allow [*.]
  • When Plugins are not set to Run Automatically,it is required for you to ensure and allow [*.] under Manage Exceptions:
  • From Chrome Settings, you need to go down and tap “Show Advanced Settings”
  • From the section of Plugins,you need to disable Extensions like Adblock, Flashblock, and NoScript or allow within them.
  • When you use an internet firewall or antivirus program, it could be blocking portions of site. Individual should now restart computer and see that whether Pandora apps not working has been solved or not

If you still have some problem with the above solved issue,it is required for you to connect with support team immediately. Support engineers are smart enough to resolve all your issues.It doesn’t matter that you are facing Pandora not working issue or other related problems.You can reach experts team anytime when you need them.

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