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Is Your TP-Link Router Not Working or Not Responding?

TP-link router not working

TP-link routers are compatible with most modems, but the same rule is not applicable all the times. In this regard, a power cycle is a recommendation for you. It re-establishes the connection. To do this, you will need to power off your TP-Link router and modem. Then, after 2 minutes, you are supposed to power on the router and the modem. It will get an internet light to tell that the problem has been solved.

Clone the MAC address

Is TP-link router not working? No worries! There are ISPs which registers the MAC address of your computer when the internet is accessed (by the cable modem) for the very first time. The ISP will not accept it if the MAC address is changed. If you are under the same circumstances, cloning the computer's MAC address to the router is a reliable solution for you. Are you connected to the TP-Link Router with the computer that was connected to your Cable modem? If yes, log on to the management. Then, you will need to click on Network. Go to the left-hand side and select MAC Clone.

Change the LAN IP address

In general, the TP-Link routers use or as their default LAN IP address. That is the reason; it may conflict with the IP range of your old ADSL router. If you have an old router, just change your LAN IP address. Well, you can prefer to use as your new LAN IP address. It will resolve your problem, TP-link router not working, for sure.

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