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Is Your Wireless Router Not Working or Not Responding?

Is Your Wireless Router Not Working or Not Responding?

If you have a router  and your router is malfunctioning then you need to fix the router, to fix the problem of wireless router not working, go through following steps:

1.The simplest troubleshooting method is Power off the device and then Power on it again.

  If this fixes your issue, then, use your network, otherwise, follow the below mentioned steps.

2. Check if  router and other networking devices are plugged into a working power source, and power is being received by these.

3.Make sure if all the physical connections are intact

4. Check if router is not in standby mode, if it is, press the standby button.

5.Reboot your devices: Power off your router, computer or any other devices connected to    the network. Then, power on the devices again.

For router, after powering it on, wait for two minutes, until it completely restarts.

Other troubleshooting steps:

6.Go to official website of the router company.

7.Sign into “My account” and select Troubleshoot from the Internet Menu.

8.Select Get Started to troubleshoot your issue.

9.Identify your device model and select Continue to proceed.

10.On Next page, you will be asked questions to diagnose the issue.

11.If the issue is resolved, you will receive a confirmation message.

Go on and try the above mentioned steps to get your router into working mode from router not working.

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