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Kindle Technical Support Phone Number

Kindle is a handheld electronic device which on which you can download the e-books and read the same. Its first version was launched in 2007 in USA, and within a few hours of launching, it was completely sold out. Since then it became very popular reading gadget in USA, and also gained popularity world wide.

Amazon, the US online shopping sells the Kindle under its brand name.

The various versions of Kindle have been launched and these are:

  1. Amazon Kindle : 2007

  2. Kindle 2            :2009

  3. Kindle DX         :2010

  4. Kindle keyboard:2010

  5. Kindle 4             :2011

  6. Kindle Fire         :2011

  7. Kindle touch       :2011

  8. Kindle paperwhite 3rd generation: 2015

  9. Kindle voyager    :2014

Kindle oasis is latest version of the device. It has ruthless new features

  1. Waterproof:You dunk it up to two meters of fresh water upto 60 meters,yet the device will fully work.

  2. The Oasis starts at 8GB of storage.

  3. Screen size of 7 inch and pixel density of 300ppi.

Kindle has added backlight feature which helps reader to read even in dim light and Kindle Oasis has adjustable backlight feature which adjusts according to the environment of the user.

Kindle has also been launched in App version, now, you can download the Kindle app on any device(Android, iPhone, windows, mac) and read into Kindle App.

Kindle has very vast collection of books including spiritual,inspirational,short stories, and books of famous writers including Robin Sharma, Charles Dickens etc.

In addition to such great features of the device, Amazon kindle offers the tech support to its customers.In case of  any query/doubt regarding kindle product, you can call on Kindle Technical Support Number, the Kindle Technical Support Executives are very proficient in helping you. They treat you as king and listen to your problem with utmost patience and give the best possible solution.

So, if you need any help or have any doubt regarding product, you can call up Kindle Technical Support Number.

The Best 888 Kindle Support Helplines

Kindle Customer Service Contact Number:- 1-888-585-5194

Kindle Customer Support Phone Number:-  1-888-589-0539

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