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List Of Top Best Apple Safari Browser Plug-ins For Mac

Best Apple Safari Plug-ins For Better Web Experience

Safari browser is user friendly and easy to customize the settings. One can experience improved web browsing and navigate through various nested site easily. One can inspect HTML & CSS from the browser and functionalities are similar other top rated browsers like Firefox. Browser has upgraded JavaScript Engine and user can read lot of articles from the web. Downloads are also faster and safe with the browser.

Also use plug-ins which enables number of useful functionalities. Want to know about best used plug-ins with Apple Safari browser? Get to know about plug-ins in this article and know about various functionalities.

Here are some of best used plug-ins for Apple Safari browser –

  • Tab Options – It provides more control over browser tabs and enables additional options for tabs. User can perform tab related actions by assigning hotkeys and more focus on the specified tab can be given.

  • Keyword Search – Using this plug-in searches can be more efficient and precise. Use short phrase for the query and search specific website. It provides the ability to add own search engine overriding the default one.

  • Pickpocket – This one is useful to those using Bookmarks as it is provides simple bookmark manager. It provides instant access to links saved for later search.

  • ClickToPlugin – ClickToPlugin helps in removing the web plugins and it mainly disables the plugins till it is clicked. People who really want to get rid of web plugins use this extension.

  • Tampermonkey – It is the userscript manager which provides support for custom scripts for web interaction. Install the extension and grab some scripts to remove objects from the web pages.

  • Translate – Looking to overcome the language issue while web browsing? This is the plug-in to be installed which automatically detects the web page language.

  • Shut Up – Once this plugin is installed then user will not receive web comments. It hides comments by default and to get back those comments user need to click the ‘Shut Up’ button.

  • WasteNo Time – This particular plug-in helps in managing the time better as it creates a block list where user can view the time spend on specific websites.

  • Sessions – It helps better organization of tabs and user can save those tabs as separate sessions. Store it in some other place to be used in time when required.

These are just some of the commonly used plug-ins. There are also various other extensions or plug-ins to have better web experience. Get the best plugins in Apple Safari over the help number with help from support experts.

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