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Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number  +1-820-333-2354 | Security Questions

Gmail Account Password Recovery Without Phone Number |Security Questions |Recovery Email

Generally, the Email password is recovered through security questions or the alternative E-Mail id that was provided during the creation of the account. It so happens that the user at times does not remember their security questions, phone number, or the alternative E-Mail Id that they provided or does not exist then there is an alternative procedure to recover the Gmail account password without phone number is by providing all the details regarding the existing account.

The users can also visit the Gmail help forum and follow their assistance and do the needful.

  • The user first need to visit the official website at
  • Then click on "Can't access your account?" as it is navigated on that page
  • Then select "I forgot my password" and click on "Reset your password"
  • And enter the Gmail ID for the account that needed to be recovered and the given Captcha and click on the "Next" button
  • Then click on "I can't use any of these options"
  • On the appearance of "Recover your Google account" the user needs to enter his or her alternative E-Mail ID under the "Contact email address" and click on the "Next" button
  • When the "Account Info" page appears the user needs to fill in all the details regarding the account and click on "Submit"
  • Then enter the new password on the navigated page and confirm the same
  • Henceforth the user needs to use the new password to login into the account

Hope, Above mentioned steps on how to recover a Gmail account password without a phone number, recovery email, security questions, and mobile number is really helped you. Visit the Google password help forum to get more information about Gmail account password related issues.

How to Access Gmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number?

Gmail is well known by worldwide users due to its features. Being the prominent Webmail, it offers excellent features to the users and one of the same is the security. Gmail keeps the user data safe and secure through the 2-step verification method. Through this method, only users can access the Gmail Account and the good point is there are no loopholes.

In this feature, the user has to register the mobile number to access the Gmail account. Whenever a user will log in, then Gmail will send the verification code to the registered mobile number. However, if you have lost your mobile or it has been damaged, then also you can recover your Gmail Account Password without a Phone Number. Do you want to know how? Here's the key to access the same.

Gmail Password Recovery Without Alternative Email | Comprehensive Process

  • Launch the official website of Gmail and then enter your email address and click on the Next button.

  • Now, click on the Forgot Password link. If you remember the last password, then enter or else click on the link try another way.

  • If you have provided the alternate email address, then enter the same and click Next.

  • Now, open the same email address which you have provided in the above step as it contains the password recovery link.

  • After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the Gmail Password Recovery page.

  • Now create a new password.

  • However, if you want to recover your Gmail Account Password without the Number and Email address, then you have to go through a few security questions and answers. The first two steps are similar and after clicking on the Forgot Password link in the third step, you will get a link to try another way and under the same select Security questions.

  • Now provide the correct answers to all the questions and click Next.

  • If you will provide any incorrect data, then it will be hard to recover the Gmail Password. So, perform the process carefully.

  • After completing the entire process, you will get a way to create a new password.

  • Now, create a strong password and make sure to memorize the same.

Hence, you have successfully completed the task of Gmail Password recovery without a mobile number. As stated earlier, the process is simple and you can execute it easily. Gmail offers complete assistance to the users and that’s why it provided so many options to recover the Gmail Password. Hence, keep your data safe and secure with Gmail.

Recover Gmail Account With Recovery Options (Alternative Email, Phone Number, and Security Questions)

Forgot your Gmail password and recovery options? You can easily recover or get back your Gmail account, Just follow some simple guideline, which helps you to get re-access to your Gmail account.

In the First step you have to open your web browser, In the 2nd step visit the Gmail login page, Enter your username or password (If you don’t have your Gmail password, Click “Forgot My Password”), In the Next Step, you can see some account recovery option, Choose anyone from the list (Recover with Phone Number, Recover With Security Questions, Recovery With Secondary or Alternative Email),

1. After choosing Recover Account with Phone Number Option->Enter Your Phone Number->Find OTP on Your Mobile->Enter OTP->Change Your Password,

2. After Choosing Recover My Account With Help of Answering My Security Questions: Now you need to give correct answers to your security questions and get back your Gmail account.

3 In Final Option (Recover Gmail Account With Alternative Email ID): Enter Your Recovery Email ID->Click Next->Open Your Recovery Email ID->Find Security Code->Enter the Security Code->Then Click Next->Now Change Your Password->Finally you have got access on your Gmail account.

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Im trying to recover my password

Michele benson

Im trying to recover my email account that has been hack my paasword phonenumber has been changed is there another way to recover my account i dont remember year or date i started but i dont get option of secerity questions so how can i recover my hacked account

तबरेज खान

श्रीमान मेरा नाम तबरेज खान है मैं जिला शाजापुर मध्य प्रदेश (भारत) का रहने वाला हुँ मेैं अपने ईमेल आई डी का पास्वर्ड भुल चुका हुँ मेरा पुराना मो. न. 9039243050 जो मेरे जीमेल अकाउंट पर एड है व भी बंद हो चुका है मै बहुत परेशान हो चुका हुँ मेरा ईमेल आई डी खुल नही पा रहा है । जिसके कारण मुझे बहुत समस्या उत्पन्न हो रही है । मेरा श्रीमान जी से निवेदन है की मेरी सहायता करे व मेरा पास्वर्ड जल्द से जल्द रिकवर करने में मेरी मदद करे। धन्यवाद तबरेज खान मो. न. 7987068042

vishal bhangare

dear sir please forget my password

allen cooper

hello sir, i forgot my gmail password and want to recover it.. can you plz help me to recover my account... thanks


Hello, I need your help .I am failing to access the security code to Resetting Gmail account because I have no longer my Mobile number which one I used for my Gmail account

Olawoyin ibitoye

Pls i did a factory reset on my but befor resetting it i did a backup of my documents but unfortunately while i was trying to log in my backup account which is i was unable to sign in pls can you help me with my Account and pls send information to this account


My gmail password forget please help me


My gmail password forget My phone 9308670604

Sachin my Gmail was hacked today how did i get my account back

Charles Aldred

Install PasswordArmor for fast password recovery. It will secure and protect all of your accounts .

Allen Tacker

Problem allen201522@gmail.con . I forgot my password. and i lost my phone. Please provide information to

Pann Ei

i forget my password


Problem with . I forgot my password. and i lost my phone. Please provide information to

Baran Piotr Ryszard

problem tel 0048511614816


Hi, I canceled my agreement and I would like to see how I can retrieve it


I forgot my password

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